Holiday Family Movie Night with JOLLY TIME Pop Corn

When we discovered our projector got broken during our move, it was a big disappointment to say the least. How cool is it to say our “TV” is a big screen and projector just like the movie theater? We have been watching movies on my computer, which isn’t terrible, but it makes it hard to have a family movie night all comfortable on the couch together like we like! How exciting that recently my aunt gave us a TV they had that has seen better days, but it works, and we are grateful! Add a couple bowls of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and The Snowman and the Snowdog movie, and it was perfect for a family movie night! We even had a fire going in the fireplace!

We received a wonderful package from JOLLY TIME Popcorn to make this family movie night possible!

Family Movie Night

We’re pretty old-fashioned when it comes to popcorn meaning we like to eat it just the way it is. We like to sit together on the couch with a couple bowls between us! We love JOLLY TIME Pop Corn because it is a simple, easy whole grain, gluten free snack and is made with non-GMO popcorn. We usually make two bags for the five of us, but I’ll admit that sometimes we pop up a couple more bags before the movie is over!

I love that it is a snack I can feel good about sharing with the kids as well as eating myself! It’s filling and a great alternative to those other sweets and treats that are so tempting and abundant at this time of year! Besides being the perfect snack for family movie night, it is also a great mid-day snack or any time of day snack! That’s the best part! It’s an “any time” snack!

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn comes in a variety of flavors, so you can choose your favorite as well. If you really like to mix things up and aren’t quite as old-fashioned as us you can check out some of their great recipes like the Sweet Heat Spiced Corn Crispettes. For even more recipes and inspiration you can visit the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Christmas Board on Pinterest.

That is the other great advantage of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn! It’s a great GMO-Free snack, and you can dress it up with other healthy ingredients and bring it to your holiday get together to share healthier alternatives with others as well! It’s also a good way to resist the temptations of those not so good treats ourselves as well!

Once again, we didn’t get adventurous. After having the stomach and still recovering from colds, we just enjoyed our JOLLY TIME Pop Corn as-is and sat back and enjoyed our new movie. It made for a great movie night! We really enjoyed both the cute movie and our JOLLY TIME Pop Corn.

For More Information on JOLLY TIME Pop Corn:

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Would you like to win some JOLLY TIME Pop Corn? You’re in luck! Stay tuned because 2 winners will each receive a coupon to redeem for a box of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn in a giveaway I will be hosting. It will run from Dec 20th at 7pm Central Time through January 3rd at 11pm Central Time. I will share the link within this post once it is live!

What is your ideal family movie night?


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  1. Kathy Czarnopis Stuit says

    Our ideal family movie night is watching Christmas Vacation. Its become a yearly holiday tradition.

  2. Keno Moore

    My ideal movie night,is being alone with Jolly Time and cold beer.

  3. sherry butcher

    The ideal family movie night for me is the the TV, Jolly-time pop corn and my dog.

  4. Gale McCarron

    My ideal family movie night is my kids, my grandkids, my honey, lots of jolly time popcorn and a good horror flick 🙂

  5. Jennifer Wexler says

    i like to make some chex mix and watch a good Disney movie

  6. Sarahlee Wheeler says

    My ideal family night is spending it with a big bowl of theater style Jolly time popcorn and my 3 wonderful children.

  7. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    When all just sit together with snacks and a movie that we all will enjoy and just veg out together.

  8. Cathy French says

    To watch one of our favorites and munch on jolly time popcorn and candy

  9. Cher Garman says

    My ideal family movie night is everyone gets to pic their favorite movie, all while in cozy lounge clothes, lights off with a few candles, and enjoying a huge bowl of jolly time popcorn! That’s the best!

  10. lana simanovicki

    my ideal family night is watch a goods disney movie ,pizza.jolly time butter popcorn,and juice boxes

  11. Stephanie bourne says

    My ideal movie night is a movie the whole family can watch, all of my family here and of course, popcorn!

  12. my ideal movie night contains popcorn, hot tea, and a GREAT movie!

  13. My ideal movie night starts with comfy pjs, lots of popcorn, a huge blanket and my kids and hubby all on the couch! Then of course the movie.

  14. Crystal Rose says

    We’re all cuddled together on the couch with a family movie- and there are 5 or so different kind of popcorn to choose from on the table in front of us.

  15. Ashley Trail says

    I want to see Frozen again, but at home so we can all snuggle at the house on our couch. Also so I can pause it for a potty break and not miss parts of the movie due to my itty bitty bladder ….haha!!!

  16. I love movie night at our house and I’m always looking for something different to try

  17. My ideal family movie night is eating tasty snacks and watching funny comedies.

  18. Edna Williams says

    My ideal family night is just enjoying a movie and popcorn! Thanks for sharing!

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