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Toe Juice Testimonials

I LOVE Toe Juice! I wrote a review a while back and mentioned I would follow up with how it has been on my blemishes since I didn’t even think about using it on my blemishes until AFTER I posted my initial review. Yes, I’m in love! It actually works on my blemishes! It has also continued to be great for everyone else as well! Toe Juice would make a great gift for a dad in your life! From now through June 6th you can save Save 50% on the 4.6oz Toe Juice when you use the code: father2013. Yes, 50%!!

Enter the coupon code either at the top of the Toe Juice website or at the shopping cart page in order to save 50% on the Toe Juice 4.6oz Bottle. Regular price is $15.99. Sale price $7.99! Shipping will be a flat rate $1.67 per order (USA) when you buy a 4.6oz bottle of Toe Juice during this sale! What an awesome deal! Save some money AND get dad and awesome gift!


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  1. Kathleen says

    What a strange name to call his product. I’m not so sure I’d feel right putting “Toe Juice” on a cold sore or blemish on my face. lol I did go to the site and watch the video though, and people seem to like it.

  2. sandy weinstein says

    love toe juice, use it on my dogs for hot spots, itching and bites….works great..

  3. rochelle33 says


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