Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum from 2015 and Blue Ribbon Award Winners!

Last week we wrapped up our 2015 homeschool year. We homeschool by calendar year, which means we start our new school year each January and finish our year the week before Thanksgiving. That means it’s break time for the holidays! I was blessed to be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for 2015 and am excited to announce I will be part of the 2016 Crew as well! We had the opportunity to review a variety of homeschool curricula and resources and we’re weighing in on our favorite homeschool curriculum for 2015!

Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for 2015

This year we had the opportunity to review a variety of both elementary curriculum and preschool curriculum. I also had the chance to kick off our youngest son’s Kindergarten year a little early with Horizons Kindergarten Phonics & Reading!

Here are our favorites (some of which we’ll be bringing into our 2016 Homeschool year as well)!

Elementary Language Arts Curriculum

IEW Primary Arts of Language Review

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing Primary Arts of Language. This curriculum encompasses both reading and writing and is great for young children and those with delays due to special needs.
Reading: ASD Reading. Although IEW PAL offers reading, I had to mention ASD Reading as well. It’s tailored specifically for the way children on the Autism Spectrum learn, this curriculum is helping our oldest son make advances in his reading.
Grammar: Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons. It covers a variety of grammar concepts in a way that’s easy for our children to learn.

Elementary Math Curriculum


GPALOVEMATH. This is an engaging, rewarding math curriculum that motivates and encourages learning – which our children have done very well with!

Elementary History Curriculum

Hands-on History with Home School in the Woods

History Curriculum: Home School in the Woods. This is a great hands-on history curriculum that definitely keeps our kids engaged in learning.
History Resource: Heirloom Audio. I know this includes a few different resources, but I can’t say enough good things about all of the Heirloom Audio productions!

Elementary Language Arts Curriculum

Middlebury Interactive Languages Online French Curriuclum

Middlebury Interactive Languages. Our daughter has enjoyed learning French through a variety of interactions that are interesting and engaging.

Elementary Science Curriculum

Critical Thinking Company Review

Critical Thinking Company. The Surfing the Net: Science curriculum not only helps our children learn science in an interesting way, but it teaches them to use the Internet for science resources.

Bible Curriculum

Grapevine Studies Review

Grapevine Studies. Grapevine Studies offers a Bible curriculum our family can use together. It’s a hands-on Bible curriculum.

Homeschool Mom Resources

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review - Yearly Planning

Planner: The Ultimate Homeschool Planner. I honestly thought I’d never choose a physical planner, and I did review a couple of online planners, but the physical planner became my favorite. It’s full of great resources and information on how to plan well.

Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards

Other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew weighed in our their favorites as well in the Blue Ribbon Awards! Congrats to the Winners!

Favorite Reading Curriculum: Reading Kingdom
Favorite Writing Curriculum: Institute for Excellence in Writing
Favorite Vocabulary Program: Dynamic Literacy
Favorite Spelling Program: Institute for Excellence in Writing: Phonetic Zoo
Favorite Grammar Program: Institute for Excellence in Writing: Fix-It! Grammar
Favorite Penmanship Program: CursiveLogic
Favorite Literature Curriculum: Progeny Press
Favorite History Curriculum: Home School in the Woods
Favorite History Supplement: Heirloom Audio Productions: In Freedom’s Cause
Favorite Science Curriculum: Visual Learning Systems
Favorite Science Supplement: Ann McCallum Books: Eat Your Science Homework
Favorite Math Curriculum: CTC Math
Favorite Math Supplement: SimplyFun
Favorite Christian Education Curriculum: Grapevine Studies
Favorite Christian Education Supplement: Brinkman Adventures
Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum: Middlebury Interactive Language
Favorite Fine Arts Product: Maestro Classics
Favorite Elective Curriculum: Apologia Educational Ministries: Field Trip Journal
Favorite Audio Drama: Brinkman Adventures
Favorite Video: FishFlix.com
Favorite Elementary Product: Star Toaster
Favorite Middle School Product: The Critical Thinking Co
Favorite High School Product: Writing with Sharon Watson
Favorite College or College-Prep Product: Freedom Project Education
Favorite Parent Product: Koru Naturals
Favorite Planning Product: Apologia Educational Ministries: The Ultimate Homeschool Planner
Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed: Homeschool Planet
Best Online Resource: Super Teacher Worksheets
Best e-Product: Home School in the Woods
Just for Fun: USAopoly
Teens’ Choice: YWAM Publishing
All Around Crew Favorite: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Want to see what the other Crew members thought? As you can see, the awards were more detailed! Some of their favorites were our favorites as well, others weren’t. Plus, they have children of all ages and grade levels. Check out their thoughts by clicking on the banner below!

2015 Blue Ribbon Awards


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