Fishing Fridays – 10 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

I know it’s been a while since I made a “Fishing Fridays” post, but it’s time to bring them back! Today I have an awesome guest post with some great tips for beginners!


Fishing: 10 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Fishing- 10 Mistakes Beginners Should

Fishing can decrease stress, enhance relationships, and provide a great meal for dinner. Even the best anglers in the world had to start somewhere, and nearly all of them learned their lessons the hard way. Making mistakes is only human, but there are several rookie errors that novice fishermen tend to commit early on that can be avoided.

1) Talking, moving, rocking, and remaining conspicuous. Fishing is a simplified version of hunting and in both exercises stealth is paramount. Keep as silent as possible, do not move unless necessary, and pay attention to the water and the movement of fish.

2) Guessing every time you cast. Know what fish you want to catch on your line and tailor your location, your bait, and your line to the fish you want. You will better catch a salmon on different lures than you would a trout, even if you could catch both on one lure.

3) Showing up at imprecise times. There are periods of the year when fish are less susceptible to hunger pangs or to attacking a lure with aggression. Know when your quarry’s breeding times are and when their metabolism slows down.

4) Ignoring the weather. Pressure caused by moving air currents and precipitation will affect a fish’s behavior because they can sense it from beneath the water. Changes in temperature, wind, and tides all factor into a catch.

5) Casting a meal that is not appetizing. Some fish will go out of their way to snatch bait like blood worms, while others will turn away from a meal because it is not on their desired menu.

6) Not watching the environment around you. Birds’ behaviors will tell you a lot about the best time to catch fish— resting, inactive birds are a good bet that the fish are incognito. Insects swarming around the surface suggest nobody below is hungry.

7) Not choosing power or finesse. Some anglers enjoy a challenge with jerk baits; others work best with drop lures. Choose your style that best fits your skills.

8) Keeping the plan in the face of failure. Every fisherman should constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their casts. Know different casts, different locations, and different times that could be more effective.

9) Overpaying for supplies. The clerks at fishing stores want you to pay the most for rod, reel, and bait. Saving money with second-hand gear does not result in fewer catches, provided the material is in good condition.

10) Not looking for help. Other fishermen are often eager to share their advice and secrets, even if it means having to listen to a lengthy story of failure or success with a big haul.

A little preparation can result in a better catch. For info on chartered fishing, visit

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  1. These fishing tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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