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*For today’s Fishing Friday I’m tying in today’s NaBloPoMo, which is “What is the sweetest thing someone did for you today?” Well, THIS is the sweetest thing someone has done for me today! Today’s fishing Friday is a guest post from someone very special who doesn’t even like writing very much! haha Today’s Fishing Friday Guest post is by my husband Joey Roberts! :)* Joey posts about bass fishing:

Out on the canoe

Fishing is one of my favorite things to do.  But to really enjoy, you kind of need to catch some fish.  For the past 6 months or so Em and I have been trying out bass fishing.  They’re so much fun to catch and they’re pretty easy to fish for as well.

There are 3 very important factors to fishing for bass (for all fishing really).

  • What season is it for them?  That depends on where you are and what time of year it is.  During spawning season, bass are very protective of their babies.  They will attack anything really, especially those top water lures like buzz baits.
  • What do they like to eat?  You are not going to catch bass using old chicken liver and bacon.  They eat smaller fish, craw dads, and worms.  Most of your lures and plastic baits are made for this.
  • And thirdly (and most importantly I think) is that Bass are a lot like humans.  On hot days with the sun out, they will be hanging out in the shade somewhere.  You don’t like to roam around outside looking for food.  You want to sit inside watching TV and having food delivered to your doorstep.  Well bass are the same way on hot days.  They are just waiting for something to drop right into their laps.  Think about it, not often when you look on the water and you see bass jumping mid-day in the summer.  It’s too hot for them.  They will do that when the sun is going down.

Those little things help me catch the bass,  just simply putting myself in their shoes that day, and thinking about the weather and the season.


Joey is currently serving in the US Army going through the Medical Discharge/Retirement process after having cancer twice and still deciding what to do after. He loves many varieties of fishing and other outdoor activities like going out on the canoe, grilling, etc. He is an involved dad of 3 kids – ages 6, 4, and 2, and husband to Emilee – the owner/blogger at Pea of Sweetness.

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  1. Looks like fun, I would love to go fishing.
    Patty A recently posted…ToiletTree Oral Irrigator Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Great post Joey!! Bass fishing is our favorite! Wow Emilee that is great that your hubby did a guest post! Does he realize he just totally set the bar high for the rest our husbands LOL! Prayers for Joey’s health! You guys have such a beautiful family 🙂
    Angie recently posted…SodaStream ReviewMy Profile

  3. What a great post! My Hubby & I just began fishing this summer and are having a blast! Thank You so much for the tips. I’m passing them along 🙂 Also, Thank You for serving our country!
    Dawn Kropp recently posted…WIN a pair of FootzyRolls! {{Ends 8/20}}My Profile

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