Fishing Fridays – Getting ready!

Depending on where you live you might feel like fishing weather is still far off. Of course, you can go fishing in any type of weather, but how you fish and what you can catch will vary. Because fish are cold-blooded they move more slowly in cold water, so if you prefer to fish for striker fish when it’s cold you may not have much luck! The good news is, Spring is coming! Are you ready?

Here in Central Texas it’s definitely starting to feel a lot more like Spring! We accidentally left all of our fishing gear at my Grandparents’ Lake House on Lake Livingston, though!! So although the weather is perfect, our fishing gear is 3 hours away! Otherwise, we’d already be getting ready! By getting ready I mean we’d be checking our equipment like our poles and lines, hooks, sinkers, lures, bobbers, etc. We would evaluate if there are things that need to be replaced. I already know our daughter will be getting a new pole this year! We also evaluate if there is anything else we may need such as a new cooler, fillet knives, etc. Not all of what we decide is based just on the fishing equipment but on the fishing trips as a whole. What things can make our trips easier with the kids? Do they need new buckets, shovels, nets, etc.? How our fishing goes as a whole depends greatly on what the kids are doing and if they are entertained! We can do a few of these evaluations because we at least know what we have and what we left over there. So, it’s time to start thinking about everything and getting ready!


I’m so excited not JUST because the weather is getting nicer for fishing again but because I just love Spring in general! It’s not yet too hot (which actually does become a problem here when it comes to fishing as well!) and is not too cold. Just beautiful weather! I love spending time outdoors! What are you doing to get ready for Spring and getting ready for some Spring Fishing?

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  1. We frequently went fishing with our children and we all enjoyed it. Most of the time, it was catch and release, except for ice fishing. Nothing beats a yellow perch caught through the ice. We are sorry we no longer live far enough north to go ice fishing. Our children are repeating the fishing trips with their own children. And of course grandpa is taking them out when he can. He has been itching to take our 14 year old grandson and head north for some ice fishing. When he retires, it just might happen. Our grandson is home schooled, so we can take the lessons with us.

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