Flip, zip, snap, stack, and move! {Book review}

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Making Toys

Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go by Laura Wilson is full of great toy ideas and patterns for really fun and interesting toys! It also includes patterns for the toys! Our kids couldn’t get over how neat the toys were and are waiting for the day when I put the patterns to use! I think it is neat that the author came up with these unique toys completely by experimenting! How great that she’s sharing them with us!

To get started it notes what you will need to make the toys. You can do them by hand, but a sewing machine is recommended for ease and a stronger stitch. If you already sew like I do, you will most likely already have all of the tools needed and probably just need to pick up specific fabric. Each toy notes skill level – whether it is Easy, Moderate, or Difficult. I will personally be starting with the “Easy” ones and working my way up!

Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go is broken into chapters based on the function of the toys because each toy does something unique! The chapters are: zip& stack, hide, seek, & go!; show & tell; and flip& turn.

The Zip & Stack toys have fun toys that stack, nest, and use zippers for their mouth. They are all really fun and unique! You can make Stacking Trees, an Elephant Parade, a Fox and Crocodile, and more!

The toys in the Hide, Seek, & Go! chapter can store things, change things, and move! There is a stuffed car with wheels that move as well as other fun toys like a whale that can hold A LOT in its belly, a turtle that can change shells, a pegasus with removable wings, and more!

Show & Tell features toys that are about display and performance. You can make a fun laptop that leaves an opening for a notebook in the “screen”! Plus there is a watch, a crab that grabs, a frog who has a tongue that holds things, and so much more!

The Flip & Turn chapter features the Flip dolls and other flip toys. This is the only chapter that has “Difficult” level patterns. The toys are absolutely amazing, though! There is a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly, a knight that turns into a dragon, people that turn into super heroes, a vampire that turns into a bat, and more! I have honestly never seen flip dolls until I reviewed this book! I can’t wait to make some because they are so neat!

Flip Toys

The tools and materials you will need for each toy is featured on the toy’s pages along with the instructions for making that toy. All of the patterns can be found in the back of the book along with instructions for making the pattern the correct size (for example: Enlarge 200%), which you can do with most copiers. Most patterns allow a 1/4in seam allowance unless stated otherwise.

Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go is really a great book for anyone that loves to sew, and the toys would make really neat gifts! You can order it at Barnes and Noble.

About the Author:

Laura Wilson is a designer and illustrator who lives between Memphis and Nashville, TN. Her creative work has been featured in many publications and websites, including Craftzine; Sew, Mama, Sew!; Whip Up; and Kid’s Crafternoon Sewing.

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    My oldest would LOVE this – she has been obsessed with making stuffed animals for the last couple of weeks!

  2. Autumn~Bloggin Momma says

    My daughters would go crazy for this book! Thanks for sharing! I have to check this out for myself!!!

  3. Ohhhh….these are so cute! I would love this book!!!

  4. it looks very cute for any sewer –witch sadly is not me =(

  5. such a cute book…I love sewing for my baby

  6. I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this. I’m going to try and get my hands on this book. Thanks

  7. The toys in the book look so cute. Now, who can I think of to sew some of these?

  8. Dorothy Boucher

    I love this idea, being able to put something together and have the little ones learn from it.. zipping them together or snapping them together and so on,, such a cute idea 😉 thanks for share @tisonlyme143

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