Flummox and Friends review

Flummox and Friends Flummox and Friends is a show with a unique spin. It’s fun and quirky and covers some very important skills that most don’t. Social skills. In fact, they referred to them as the “unspoken rules,” and I honestly didn’t think about this until now, but they pretty much are! This is exactly why I was intrigued by it and interested to check it out. As you probably know, we have one child on the Autism spectrum and two with Sensory Processing Disorder. Social skills don’t come easy for any of them. Our youngest is only three, though, so I didn’t really expect him to pull the lesson out of the show, but I did hope it was entertaining enough for him to enjoy it with his brother and sister!

Luckily, it is! Flummox and Friends is quirky and fun! It features Professor Flummox and his assistants and friends. In the pilot episode, which you can watch for free, the social lesson happens in a party setting where everybody is at the party but not really engaged in the party. Their version of fun is talking about what THEY think is fun. Sounds familiar, right? I know this is a social lesson we and our kids’ therapists have worked with them on. So when this lesson was brought up in the show it was a great reinforcement for them and they (our 7 and 5 year old) were able to get in on the discussion. I also love that are little “intermissions” that are both exciting and help reinforce learning.

Overall, I think a show like Flummox and Friends is long overdue, and it is definitely something I could see our family watching on a regular basis. I think they totally nailed it when they chose their goals for the show and went after them. They truly knew their audience, and I think they did a great job appealing to that audience and benefiting that audience!

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  1. Betsy Barnes says

    Sounds interesting, going to check it out 🙂

  2. Kayla Davis says

    sounds like a good show

  3. sounds like something i would watch…thank you for sharing.

  4. laurie abbott says

    Sounds great for all kids and some adults and teens they can use use lesson in social skills as well. If it shows up on TV I will give it a go

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