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It’s hard to believe summer is starting to wrap up. I will venture to say it’s especially hard to believe it for me when it’s been over 100 degrees for the past few days down here in Texas! Since we homeschool year-round, our seasons tend to blend together anyhow. Regardless, it doesn’t stop the seasons from changing!

Crosse & Blackwell

Disclosure: I received products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Crosse & Blackwell, which offers an amazing line of premium condiments, has put together a fantastic collection of recipes including the Crosse & Blackwell 2014 Guide to Summer Dining. Do you know what the most amazing part is, though? It’s absolutely free! Yes, a FREE dining guide! Head over to the Crosse & Blackwell Recipe Page, and you will see the PDF download of the Guide to Summer Dining right under the recipe page description! Download it for later or print it right away!

Crosse & Blackwell Review

For my review I received Major Grey’s Chutney and Seafood Cocktail Sauce. There were a few recipes in the Guide to Summer Dining that use the Major Grey’s Chutney Sauce and a handful that use the Seafood Cocktail Sauce as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to make the recipes from the guide, but, of course, I had to try the sauces.

Wow, they are good! Premium is right. I think the Seafood Cocktail Sauce, in particular, is one that I could really tell a difference. OK, well, I had never had Major Grey’s Chutney before, so I can’t compare it, but this is good. But as regular users of shrimp cocktail sauce, we didn’t know what we were missing with the ho hum sauces we’ve been using! What a difference!

Now that things are finally starting to calm down around here I can’t wait to pick up some of the other ingredients for these recipes so I can make some of the recipes as well. They sound so good, and I can’t wait to use my sauces in the recipes! There are such a variety of recipes from sweet dips, appetizers, cocktails, to the main dish. Did I mention the Guide to Summer Dining is FREE?? Pick it up now!

End summer with a bang! Grab the free Guide to Summer Dining and pick up some of the amazing Crosse & Blackwell premium condiments. It will be Summer farewell and Fall kick-off to remember!


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  1. I Really Enjoyed reading your review on Free Dining Guide from Crosse & Blackwell! I’m so glad that you did decide to try the products even though you had no time to make a recipe with them! We are a very “plain” family here and we usually don’t use “different or unusual” Condiments. We also are definitely not sea food eaters either. So I can’t say that I’d Run right out and buy some, however, I can pass it along to family members who I know use these kind of condiments! I definitely will pass the name on to them! Thanks for the review! Michele 🙂
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  2. kathy downey

    Thanks for the review,we use a lot of Seafood Cocktail Sauce so I will look for this brand to try

  3. This looks like a really great guide for food. I am looking into having a copy for my kitchen. I thank you for the nice review.

  4. Every now and then I splurge on rock shrimp from the fish market for bringing to a get together. I want the best cocktail sauce, and I need to get some Crosse Blackwell!!!

  5. I have never even heard of this brand. I am quite curious to try the cocktail sauce now to see what I have been missing out on too!
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