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Earth DayEarth Day is around the corner (April 22nd) and besides the various activities that will be going on probably locally as well as worldwide it is also a great opportunity to teach your kids (and educate yourself even!) on the importance of taking care of the Earth with which God has blessed us! Thank-you to Free Homeschool Deals for sharing Free Earth Day Printables on Christian Preschool Printables. We only have one preschool age child, but after looking at the printables I decided they were many that are appropriate for use with our 5 and 6 year old as well! Make sure you click on the different pages! There are 4 pages of the free Earth Day printables that can be easily overlooked. So be sure to look next to the title “Earth Day Bible Printables” to view the different pages. There are coloring sheets, projects, music, and more! It’s a great find!

I will be posting some ideas for Earth Day activities tomorrow!

Along with Earth Day is the Great Cloth Diaper Change! It’s tomorrow! Will you be participating? We participated last year and came home with new fluff to add to the collection. Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to participate this year. I’m definitely still a cloth diaper advocate, and I still have one in diapers, but that one in diapers is almost 3! I can hardly believe he’s going to be 3 next week! We got a few strange looks when we participated last year with an almost 2 year old, so I imagine participating with an almost 3 year old would really be strange! He has been “ready” to potty train for a long time (which I attribute to the cloth) but because of his special needs he is having a hard time actually following through. By having a hard time following through I mean if I ask him if he wants to use the potty he SCREAMS at me! From experience with the other two I have learned pushing is a BAD idea, and so I will gladly change more fluff until he is ready. I’m going to sew some cloth trainers for him, and one is a Cars (like the Disney movie) print, so I think that might add a little encouragement! I have to admit I will miss the fluff when it’s over! Here were the super cute diapers we got at last year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change:

Cloth Diapers


If you’re a cloth addict like me here is another great Earth Day find: Head over to GreenMommy for a free fitted diaper! You just pay shipping and handling!

Their diapers:

– Easy to adjust to fit baby from 8 to 33 lbs

– Easy to adjust waist and leg

– Super absorbent 3 layer Bamboo insert

– Soft inner is gentle on babies skin and keeps babies skin dry

– Waterproof outer PUL to prevent leakage

– Gender neutral design

– This product is a washable, adjustable, and above all – Eco-friendly!

Don’t miss out on these great Earth Day finds! If I find more I will definitely share! As I mentioned I’ll also be sharing some Earth Day activity ideas tomorrow!

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  1. annie page says

    We need a earth day before our world is destroyed by us all cutting trees ruining land from chemicals , polluttion our are and water

  2. I missed the sale! 🙁

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