Free eBook for National Stress Awareness Month {Wellness Wednesday Linkup}

Did you know April is National Stress Awareness Month? Stress is definitely something I’m familiar with. In fact, I recently shared tips for homeschooling through stress and fatigue, and the reason why is because I experience it quite often! I am always happy to discover ways to reduce stress whether it be essential oils, natural supplements, homeopathy, yoga, etc.

Something that has been brought up for both stress as well as my chronic pain is Magnesium. In fact, I even know Facebook groups dedicated to those with chronic pain that use magnesium. Did you know magnesium also has a connection to stress-free living?

National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month.

Natural Vitality, maker of Natural Calm magnesium drink launched the The Calmful Living eBook recently. The best part is – you can download The Calmful Living eBook for free! I’m always a fan of free health resources, so I wanted to share it with you as well!

Special note: I am sharing this resource because I find it to be a good resource and want to raise awareness for National Stress Awareness Month. No compensation was received.

Calmful living is a less-stressed, positive approach to life and living that includes clarity, focus and personal energy management. It’s a perspective that allows you to navigate our nonstop existence without getting overwhelmed.

Calmful Living ebook

Inside this free eBook you’ll discover…

  • tools, inspiration and advice from top experts for calmful eating, shopping and relaxation
  • the coolest calmful music playlist
  • easy stress-busting aromatherapy blends
  • the magical calmful mineral
  • 4 new recipes for relaxing sips
  • tricks for less-stress grocery shopping
  • the power of perspective

If you are looking for a way to experience more calmful living be sure to check out the free ebook! It has some great tips and information!

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Wellness Wednesday Linkup

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  1. Gail Williams says

    Most of us want to find and experience a lifestyle of Calmful Living. This e-book looks to be interesting reading.

  2. I’ve never heard of National Stress Awareness Month before. I think everyone needs a little help with stress, including myself. 🙂

  3. Barrie

    I’ll check out the ebook and share with my teen. It’s her last year of highschool and she’s under a bit of stress with having issues of sleeping.

  4. This seems like a great read! We can all learn something from this book.

  5. I ma stressed. I have been doing acupuncture and taking magnesium to help

  6. Dotty J Boucher

    This is wonderful and I definitely could use any help for a bit of stress relief.. I’ll also share this on my facebook,,

  7. Gabrielly says

    I’ll check out the ebook and share with my family.

  8. Cheryl Everitt says

    The ebook sounds very interesting. I need to find things to ease my high anxiety and depression. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Lily Kwan says

    This ebook looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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