Fresh Express Salads Review

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Fresh Express Salads Review

Salads come in many varieties, and although we know they are a good choice for us, many of us still turn to higher calorie foods to appease our cravings. Plus sometimes making a salad can be rather time consuming. What if having salad was easy, though? What if you could choose from many varieties and didn’t have to do the hard work? What if you had recipes available that take your favorite foods and swap them with a salad for the same great taste but with less calories? Sounds great, right?

Fresh Express offers a variety of greens, pre-made salads, and salad kits that are perfect for busy moms like myself who love to eat healthy but may not always have as much time to prepare a meal as expected. I know for me, sometimes we’ll be wrapping up our homeschooling day, and I will realize I only have 30 minutes until dinner time! Eek! Running to get food or ordering take out isn’t always an option and usually isn’t a healthy one either! That is why I like that Fresh Express salads are ready to go when I need them!

Fresh Express Salads Review

More than that, though, Fresh Express Salads don’t use any preservatives and their salads are thoroughly washed, rinsed, and gently dried, then sealed in patented “Keep-Crisp®” breathable bags to keep their just- picked freshness. So I know I’m getting ingredients that are fresh. They also offer a USDA Certified Organic line as well!

I had a chance to try a variety of Fresh Express Salads and was really impressed by how much they offer. In fact, it was hard to decide which salads I would like to choose! As part of Green Moms Meet, I had a chance to share Fresh Express salads with other moms as well! We tried all kind of different recipes, toppings, and had a wide variety of the Fresh Express Salads so we could try a little bit of all of them!

After sampling all of the varieties, my favorite is toss up between the American and Veggie Lovers. I absolutely LOVE radishes on my salads, and they both have radishes, so I think it is a given that they made my top two choices. The consensus of the group, though, was definitely the Sweet Butter.

Fresh Express Salads Review

In addition to the salads, Fresh Express offers the 30 Day Salad Swap. You can satisfy your cravings by swapping your favorite foods for a salad with recipes that include the tastes that you crave, but without the calories you want to avoid. It encourages you to swap one meal a day for 30 days. Simply sign up, and you get access to their full library of recipes. Plus, you will get access to the 30 Day Salad Swap app on your smartphone or tablet.

I have been using the app, and I can tell you it is so much more than *just* the recipes. It also helps you track your meals, calories, and activities, and you can save money! Simply enter the bag codes from your Fresh Express Salads to earn money-saving coupons for future purchases. I don’t know about you, but rewards motivate me!

Remember how I said the American Salad is one of my favorites? It just so happens there is a recipe for the American Salad that I love, too! Chicken Rice & Black Bean Salad! The best part? The kids love it, too! Whenever it is something the kids will eat, it is a big win in this house!

Give the 30 Day Salad Swap a try! You will be happy you did! Don’t forget to download the free app as well!

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  1. I have always been a fan of Fresh Express salads and have tried most of not all of their products. My favorite by far is the spring mix salad.

  2. I love these salads and they are really great for families on the go without a lot of time or really anyone.

  3. I look for fresh-ness and clean-ness in packaged salads as well. I’ve already clicked on the link, and I’m going to look into this 30-day salad swap! I think my husband and I could actually do it.

  4. I love Fresh Express, in fact, I had some tonight. I love the spring mix the best. I’ve had all of them I think.

  5. Sweta Sonulkar says

    I love fresh and salad is my favorite

  6. Tamra Phelps

    We use Fresh Express Salads all the time; they’re great. And much easier!

  7. alison gibb

    I love fresh Express. I am just too lazy to make my own salad.

  8. Paula Morgan

    I love Fresh Express Salads!! The only one I have found so far that I didn’t care for was the Caesar Salad Mix. The dressing tasted off, the greens tasted “old” and the croutons were awful. Maybe it was just the certain package I bought, but I haven’t bought it again. Otherwise, I love the ready-mixed salads. It is much more economical for me to purchase salad fixings this way because there is so much less waste.

  9. I always keep Fresh Express salads on hand,it has all the ingredients I love in my salads without having to purchase them separately.

  10. Deborah Williams says

    These look great! They’d be perfect for quick lunches.

  11. I buy the stuff all the time. It beats having to buy and wash all the time.

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