Fun at the Care Bears Brunch at #BBNYC

One of the amazing events I got to attend at Blogger Bash was the Care Bears Brunch. It was the first event of the conference and such an amazing way to kick it off! Seriously, my first day, and I get a photo op with Funshine Bear? Love it!

Fun with Funshine Bear Care Bears Brunch

Of course, the Care Bears Brunch was so much more than just a chance to hang out with Funshine. We got to learn about so many great Care Bears products, eat a delicious brunch, learn more about what’s coming up this year for Care Bears, and was introduced to an amazing young woman who has really been making a difference in her community and beyond!

Care Bears Brunch Blogger Bash

I have loved Care Bears since I was little, and I really do feel like their message has made such a great impact. I love that they’re not only still making a difference, but their presence is still so strong! We not only got to learn about some of the current Care Bears products, but got a great swag bag with them including a gorgeous exclusive Funshine Bear figurine. It’s so sparkly! I love it!

Exclusive Funshine Bear

Plus, did you know you can make a Care Bear at Build-A-Bear? So cute! Care Bears have such an impact and are so recognizable that it’s been a huge hit! I know it’s on our list for the upcoming holiday season! What could be more special that something you make specially for someone you have in mind?

*Special Tip: For those that may not know and have special needs children like ours, did you also know you can take a bag of Poly Pellets with you to add to your bear as well for a comforting weighted plush?*

Care Bears Brunch – Care Bears Kid Ambassador

Care Bears Kid Ambassador
Photo Credit: Blogger Bash

I was so blessed by the story of the Care Bears Kid Ambassador, Jessica Carscadden. She created an organization called We Care Bears which helps first responders give plush toys to children in unbearable situations all over the country. It’s helpful for both the first responders and the children they comfort. Jessica is so generous that she and her mother even donated the Care Bear plush decor from the Care Bears Brunch to the local police station while in New York City!

I definitely recommend visiting We Care Bears and learning more about how you can help. You can even organize a bear drive in your own community!

Additionally, I’d love to introduce another cause that is close to this generous family’s heart. They are gathering funds to adopt a new member of the family! Please take a look at (and share!) their YouCaring page to learn more the Carscaddens’ mission to welcome Jentry into their loving home! They have done so much for others. I’d love to see their family reach their goal and bring Jentry home!

Share Your Care Day

Share Your Care Day

Additionally, I got to take the Care Bears Ambassador oath and become a Care Bear Ambassador! I’m so excited to help support the Care Bears’ mission and bring you the latest information and news. First, I would like to start with giving you a heads up on National #ShareYourCare Day! It’s coming up on September 9th and everyone is encouraged to #ShareYourCare. We will be encouraged to go above and beyond in showing care through various ways. Not to mention it’s a great way to encourage our kids to do so as well! Stay tuned because I will be sharing more details as well as some suggestions for how you can #ShareYourCare closer to the date!

Be sure to check out Care Bears & Cousins on NetFlix!

Care Bears Ambassador

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The Care Bears Brunch was a blessing in so many ways, and I am so excited to be a Care Bears Ambassador! Do you have a favorite Care Bear?


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  1. I love the Care Bears. I have a few of the bears.They are such a colorful bunch and always smiling.

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