Fun Party Snack Recipe – Bacon and Eggs

I am in a “party” kind of mood, so I wanted to share one of my favorite party snacks to make (and eat)! My Mother In-Law introduced me to this fun snack at my wedding reception! It is cute and clever with a yummy sweet and salty taste! Now it’s my go-to snack for any party. I love this party snack recipe! I admit, I even make it sometimes “just because!” 😉 It’s pretty simple, and the kids can help with a lot of it!

Fun Party Snack Recipe - Bacon and Eggs

Here is what you’ll need:

Wax Paper
Microwavable Bowl
2 Bars of White Chocolate (Bakers Chocolate is best)
56 oz. Bag of Milk Chocolate M&M’s
Small bag of Small Pretzel Sticks

Bacon and Eggs Party Snack Recipe Ingredients

To start, separate out the yellow M&M’s. I recommend a 56 oz. bag since you will only be using the yellow. This is a great activity for children! They can practice their colors and fine motor skills and help make a treat at the same time!

Next, prepare the white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. If you purchased baker’s chocolate, it will generally have directions included on the wrapper. I recommend following the directions for those specific bars. If directions aren’t provided, a general rule of thumb is microwave in 30 second increments until it is melted all the way through.

Fun Party Snack Recipe Instructions

Arrange the pretzel sticks in groups of three on the wax paper allowing about 1.5 – 2 inches of space in between each group. This is also a great activity for kids. They can again work on fine motor skills as well as counting!

Fun Party Snack Recipe Instructions

Using a spoon, drop about a quarter size drop on one side of each pretzel group leaving just a little bit of pretzel peeking out on that side. It helps to hold them so they don’t separate too much. Then allow it to melt down over it. If it is thick and isn’t melting down naturally, lightly press it with the spoon.

Fun Party Snack Recipe Instructions

Place the yellow M&M’s on the white chocolate drops. Make sure the “M” is facing down so it isn’t visible! Be sure to place them lightly and push down gently – not deep, but just to make sure it will be secured by the white chocolate.

Fun Party Snack Recipe Bacon and Eggs

Carefully place them in the refrigerator until the white chocolate has cooled. Then you’re ready to share them and enjoy!

Bacon and Eggs - Fun Party Snack Recipe

Click on the recipe card above for a downloadable/printable copy! Enjoy!


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  1. kathy downey

    Thanks for the great recipe,I love it,be great for my granddaughters birthday

  2. What a fun recipe – I love this idea! I bet my girls would get a kick out of it! And I just found some wonderful gluten-free pretzels that actually taste good that we could do this with!
    Krista B recently posted…Win $500 in Reebok’s Fall Fitness GiveawayMy Profile

  3. I Really Love this Recipe for Bacon & Eggs!! I’ve never seen this before! This is a good snack anytime! For Halloween, maybe use the white chocolate to make more of a ghost figure and add a dark brown (mini M&M’s) for the eyes! HRMMMMM something to think about huh? Anyway I am definitely going to try this recipe! Thanks so much! Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…zulily Frozen Sale and Hair TutorialsMy Profile

  4. haha, never thought of bacon and eggs as a party snack lol, but after a closer look you have pretzels (luv) with icing, made to look like the real thing, neat!

  5. That’s so cute! I thought it was bacon and eggs until I saw the ingredients! This is fun for Halloween!

  6. I love this! I make a “bacon and eggs” deviled egg. Basically just add crumble bacon on top of the deviled egg. Adding something like this for a sweet treat and make some other “bacon and eggs” creations would make a fun themed food list for a party.

  7. Sarah Oswald says

    These are so adorable and look so easy to make I know the kids would have fun making these and love eating them even more.

  8. This recipe looked so good because of the bacon and eggs, I copied it down. I am due to make tomorrow. I thank you for the share.

  9. I was totally fooled! How cute! I love white chocolate, these would be fun and get some laughs and good candy fix!

  10. Karen Nadeau

    This is such a neat idea. I will have to make this for the girls’ next party.

  11. Patricia Delgado says

    This is such a fun recipe. I bet this would be a hit with my 8th grader and her friends at a sleep over, they could even make them themselves!

  12. Elizabeth Johnson says

    This is cute! I think it’d work well for a kids party, too.

  13. I’m sure it tastes good but it looks kind of gross. I can’t stand runny eggs. Looking at the photo, that’s what it reminds me of.

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