A Fun Time at Mountasia Houston

Disclosure: We received all day play passes to facilitate our Mountasia Houston review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

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Last week we had the chance to visit Mountasia Houston. We decided to go on a weekday during the day so there wouldn’t be a crowd. We knew the kids would be less likely to have sensory meltdowns, and we could enjoy things at our pace! The All Day Play Passes include unlimited use of the mini golf courses, go karts and bumper boats. In addition, they also offer batting cages and a game room.

We definitely went at a quiet time with only a few families there. We were greeted after approaching the counter, and they were really nice to the kids and helpful when choosing our clubs and balls for mini golf.

We decided to start off with mini golf since that is something we all could do. We knew when we got to the go karts and bumper boats our little guy wouldn’t be able to ride. In fact, they have different height levels – passenger (where our daughter fit), passenger for go karts but can drive the bumper boats (where our oldest son fit), and of course those that are tall enough to do all of it. So we got our wristbands that showed which one of the height ranges we were in, and we were off to have fun!

Mountasia Houston Review

It was the kids’ first time playing mini golf, and our daughter got a hole in one on the first hole! We liked the unique obstacles on the course (the kids particularly like the rock in the shape of Texas), and the waterfall, of course, makes it really exciting. When the kids discovered we actually get to play through the cave, that was fun stuff! There was also a hole that is three levels, and one hole will take you straight down to the bottom level, but the other will take you to the second level. That was another highlight for them watching for the balls to come through on the next level.

After mini golf we decided to go inside for a bit to have some smoothies and play some games.

Mountasia Houston Review

The kids really enjoyed playing the games and winning the tickets. My husband and I were a little disappointed by some of the games as the screens were “washed out.” A few only had one color left, and it was hard to even see what we were doing. We decided to stick to the fun games that give you tickets after that discovery. So we all got to move around and have fun. We got quite a few tickets which the kids cashed in for some little prizes.

Next were the bumper boats and go karts!

Mountasia Houston Review

My husband and our daughter got in one boat, and our oldest son drove his own. There was another family, too, so that definitely made it more fun. The bumper boats have water cannons so you can have water wars. Unfortunately, the water cannon on the boat my husband and daughter was on didn’t work, and she was really disappointed. Aside from the water cannons, they also got quite wet from the waterfall! I definitely advise going on the boats last or possibly bringing a change of clothes – especially if you have children like ours with sensory issues that don’t like to keep on wet clothes!

Then, my husband and oldest son went on the go karts. They had a blast! I really think that was the most exciting part for our oldest son. The family that was on the bumper boats with them went to the go karts next, too, so again, although there weren’t many families there, it was nice that there was one to go on the rides with! I was having a hard time getting pictures because we did have a very upset little guy since he couldn’t go on the rides.

Overall, we did have a good time, and we’ll most likely go back when we need a entertainment day. The older two kids weren’t ready to leave! We did spend a bit of money on the games because the best bang for your buck is definitely the $20 because you get the most free coins (almost $10 worth). So it’s overall not a weekly kind of place but a splurge for a fun day place.


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  1. This looks like fun. We are from IL so the weather here isn’t letting us out to do this kind of thing yet. I’ll be visiting an uncle in Houston latter this summer. Might need to check this out.

  2. Seem like so much fun you have enjoyed with your family. Love the indoor games and water bumper boats you share.
    Sunny recently posted…How much do bumper cars cost ?My Profile

  3. I live in Houston all my life and I’ve never been there! What a shame!

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