3 Fun Ways to Package Cookies for Gifts

One of my favorite holiday memories is baking with family members. I loved the time we spent together and cutting out fun Christmas shapes. Now that I have a family, I make it a point to pass on this memory to our children as well. Plus with different ways to package cookies the holiday traditions can be given as gifts!

It’s not always easy to make my own cookies, though. Last year we were moving from Texas to Ohio right before Christmas, and this year my dad had surgery and is still in the hospital, so we’ve been driving back and forth. That’s why I love the easy-to-bake cookie mixes from Krusteaz!

Krusteaz Holiday Baking

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my post and review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Krusteaz offers a variety of great easy-to-bake cookie mixes. They truly are easy to bake, but you also have creative freedom as well! In fact, we received holiday cooking recipe ideas as well! They are simple additions to the easy-to-bake mixes!

I received an amazing package from Krusteaz and was challenged to share fun ways to package cookies for holiday gifts! To help support my project, I received a Zazzle Gift Card for materials. I chose cards, mugs and labels. Plus I received a mason jar with festive red lid for yet another fun idea!

Tools for Fun Ways to Package Cookies

Fun Ways to Package Cookies

Christmas Cards

How fun would it be to have your Christmas Card and gift all in one? With a Christmas Card box you can!

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Christmas Card Box

To make a Christmas Card Box, make sure you sign the card first because it is your Christmas Card, after all, so it has to be signed!

Next, cut the top and bottom apart. Measure and mark 1 inch squares in the corner. I, personally, use pencil and erase my marks after I’ve finished.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Box Step 1

Cut along the 1 inch lines that are parallel to the long side. Then fold the corners up.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Box Step 2

Then proceed to fold up all the sides. Depending on the thickness of the card, this could be simple or a little challenging. In this case, it was a thicker, sturdier card so it was a bit challenging to fold.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Box Step 3

Fold the shorter tabs into the side and glue. Simple school glue usually works. This was a shiny card, so I did have to hold down the tabs longer, but it was still sufficient.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Box Step 4

This completes the bottom of the box. Make sure you’re using the inner side that you signed as the bottom because you will want the Christmas design at the top. For a card that opens at the side this would be the right side, and for a card that opens at the bottom this would be the bottom half.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Box Final Bottom

Repeat with the top using just a tiny bit less than 1 inch for the corners. Voila! Now you have a cute box for your cookies!

Before putting the cookies in the box, place something under the cookies like a small square of parchment paper, tissue paper, cellophane, etc. You don’t want to put the cookies directly on the ink!

Fun Ways to Package Cookies  with Christmas Card Box

I then secure the boxes with tape, but only a couple of small pieces to not ruin the cards. With shiny cards this generally isn’t a problem. It’s a Christmas Card with the bonus of a treat!


Who doesn’t love a cute Christmas mug? Mugs make a great gift, and you can make the most of the mugs by adding delicious cookies!

To start, place the cookies on a paper or cellophane and stack the cookies with the biggest cookie at the bottom and place the stack next to the mug to be sure it’s not too tall. If you have iced cookies, place it on the top or be sure the icing is dry.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Mugs

Pull the cellophane and/or paper up around the cookies and tie them with a ribbon.

Fun Ways to Package Cookies with Mugs

Then, simply place the wrapped up cookies into the mug! If there is extra room you could even add candies or a few candy canes to accent it.

Mugs for Fun Ways to Package Cookies

Mason Jar

For the mason jar I approached it just like the mugs. Make sure you have cookies small enough to fit in the mouth of the mason jar. They will need to be pretty small. I wrapped up the cookies and placed them in the jar. Then I added a cute mason jar holiday sticker and a bow on top!

Fun Ways to Package Cookies Mason Jar

The best thing about both the mugs and mason jar is not only do the recipients get yummy cookies, but they get mugs and mason jars they can use as well! You can add your own flare to make it as pretty as you want!

Why Give Cookies as Gifts?

Cookies make great gifts. They’re a gift that is simple yet meaningful. You can create memories by making the cookies with your family and the recipients will know you made cookies for them! They’re also great when you’re in a pinch and need a last minute gift. The easy-to-bake cookie mix from Krusteaz makes it easy to make great memories with your family and great gifts for your loved ones!

Making Cookies for Gifts

We made a variety of cookies for our gifts and had fun not only preparing the gifts, but preparing the cookies as well! One of my favorite memories is cutting out shapes and decorating cookies with Christmas cookie cutters, and we got out some of our cookie cutters and used the included snowflakes cookie cutters as well! We had so much fun and put a lot of love into our gifts! The easy-to-bake cookie mixes were perfect in this busy time for us because it was easy to make and perfect for letting the kids help!

What holiday cookies will you be making this year?

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  1. What wonderful ideas. And baking with the children makes it a tradition to do every year. Thanks for the ideas and the pictures. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L

  2. Brigid OHara Koshko says

    Great ideas! I love giving homemade gifts and these ideas for packaging are great. Thanks so much!

  3. Cathy French says

    My favorite way to package cookies is in the coffee mug.

  4. This was the first year in so many that I wasn’t able to give any cookies as gifts and it really bummed me out. I was (am) just too sick, but next year I’ll make double. Plus you have given me some great ideas on how to package them. I really love the box!! I can make them over the course of the year so they’ll be ready to go!

  5. Dorothy Teel says

    I he idea of packing cookies with a cup and I think that I would add a pack of hot chocolate or cider to the cup for a instant break..

  6. So many fun ideas! Thank you for sharing yours!

  7. Love all of your ideas!! I especially like the Mug filled with Cookies 🙂

  8. Darlene Cruz says

    Yummy thing to do is bake cookies which I find comforting. Plus it’s a great way to get your kids involve.

  9. Any way you pack them, they’re sure to be appreciated!

  10. Cathy Thompson

    Wonderful ideas, love the cup idea. And Krusteaz is the best. My kids love to bake and do thing in the kitchen, well I guess so does my grandchildren also.

  11. Karrie Smith says

    This is a really cool idea!!

  12. Michelle Schafer says

    Our oven died on Thanksgiving (I know, talk about timing!), so no baking this year. If anyone wants, I’m always open to get cookies as a gift! lol

  13. Thanks, Emily, for the Fantastic Review on 3 Fun Ways to Package Cookies for Gifts! I usually give out cookies as gifts to all my neighbors on Christmas, however, with all the stuff going on in my life right now, I didn’t make any cookies. I did, however, made nut rolls and cherry cheese tarts. I gave these out to the neighbors this year! I know how hard it is when your father is in the hospital! I just found out that my father-in-law was taken to the hospital tonight again! When my father was in Philadelphia in the hospital, it was really hard for us! It costs money and takes so much time to get there with all the traffic. My father had a terrible fall off of a ladder at his home and became paralyzed. He had several surgeries and he just couldn’t fight anymore and he passed away in June of this year. So, be thankful that your father is still with you and you can talk with him and let him know how much you care! Thanks again for sharing the wonderful review on 3 Fun Ways to Package Cookies for Gifts with all of us! I absolutely love these ways to package! I never thought of any of them! Next year, I’ll be more prepared (I hope!). Thanks again! I truly appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  14. Great ideas. I really like the mug idea

  15. Jodi Hunter

    These are great Christmas ideas, I’ll be using them next year.

  16. My favorite packaging method for giving cookies is to use tins or the plastic containers that are shaped and look like round tins.

    I like your mug idea because after the cookies are gone, the recipient still has a mug as a gift.

  17. I love the jar gifts. They can be done so nicely.

  18. These are clever packing methods. I never would have thought of sending cookies in these ways. I will have to make use of it in 2016.

  19. Andrina Goetz says

    I love all the ideas. Next year I think I will do the mason jar one with my daughter. She loves baking cookies with me.

  20. JoAnn Brightman says

    These are all fun ways to package cookie. I always had my children help me make cookies and I hope to continue the tradition with my granchildren.

  21. Sally Wilsey

    Great Ideas! I love giving cookies and baked goods for the holidays. Now I can get creative on the packaging.

  22. I like the mason jar, it’s fun, fest and makes a nice presentation. Are you the one who posted decorated Pringles for mailing? Brilliant.

  23. What great ideas for packaging cookies for gifts! I’m sure whoever you gave them too loved it!

  24. I love those ideas. thank you pea of sweetness.

  25. Maryann D. says

    These are all perfect ideas! I would love to have the mug and cookie gift, that would make me happy for sure! Also I have tried these cookies and they are wonderful.

  26. I am always looking for new ways to package cookies…especially during the holiday season. Thank you for the ideas!

  27. Nancy Burgess

    Excellent ideas!

  28. Sheila Owen

    I love these ideas, especially the Christmas Card one. We have packaged our cookies in Chinese take out boxes, we get white ones and add ribbon and name tags to them to make them festive.

  29. I really like the ideas that u shared, especially the Christmas Card Box and Mason Jar! They are really cool ideas that u can expand upon and be creative with!!!

  30. Edna Williams says

    What great ideas! Will use some of these next year! I thank you!

  31. Recipe Fairy says

    These are all such cute ideas! I especially love the mug one! Adorable!

  32. Renee Rousseau says

    The mugs were my favorite idea for cookie packaging, but alas I am stuck with boxes because almost all of my cookies get shipped.

  33. Jennifer H. says

    I think these are great ways of making gifts!

  34. I love these wrapping ideas, much more personal than the old way.

  35. laurie murley says

    thanks for the info, I love cooking love eating them way to much. these look like good cookies

  36. Michelle StPierre

    Great ideas! We do our cookie boxes in the boxes you buy for shirts or clothes etc. they are the ones with the holiday scenes already on them and come in a variety pack of different sizes. To make sure the bottom is steady, we cut out a piece of cardboard to fit and wrap it in tin foil before putting it in the box. We have found these are the easiest most economical ways for us. I loves your idea with the mason jar! I’m going to try that fir Valentine Day treats.

  37. Allyson Becker says

    I love the mason jar idea. But the mugs would definitely be an efficient and easy way to package cookies as well. All the ideas are clever and I would like to applaud you on your post.

  38. These packages looks so nice and delicious. I would like to eat one, but I don’t think in one sitting.

  39. Trisha McKee says

    I love these ideas! It inspires me to go make some cookies to give out! Thank you for sharing.

  40. These cookie gift packaging ideas look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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