Gluten-Free Granola Bars

Something I really appreciate when I’m looking for snacks for our family is snacks that are not only natural but also non GMO. With the term “natural” used so loosely, it’s hard to sort through it all! Plus we are trying to eat more gluten-free foods.

Lola Granola Bars Giveaway

Lola Granola Bar offers gluten-free granola bars that are non GMO and naturally sweetened. Plus they are packed with all natural proteins, fiber, and omega 3’s. Plus they don’t add any rice, wheat, corn or soy fillers, hydrogenated oils or refined sugar. All bars are not only gluten-free, but also dairy free, soy free, and kosher.

For my review I received an assortment of Lola Granola Bars.

Lola Granola Bars Review

The first thing I noticed was that each bar had not just their own name, but a person’s name. Each bar is actually named after their children and nephew. Each bar contains their core, all natural non GMO ingredients with variations like almonds, cashews, cranberries, blueberries, and dates! I love the background behind the names.

Mary Molina explains: One of the questions that came up is how I came up with the flavors:

The first flavor I created was Cranberry and Almond (mostly because it was what I had in my cupboards at the time). I named it Lola because, even though I made it for Ernie, I made it so that Lola could eat it too.

When I realized my kids also like Lola Granola Bars, I created flavors for them as well. Next came Ruby, she’s younger than Lola so I took out the nuts and it had beautiful red cranberries for my Ruby. After that Enzo, my daring son is nuts, so his bar is just nuts, almonds and cashews. Finally for my daughter Ellie who is sweet as a date and very caring (as the oldest she helps out a lot too) is made with dates and cashews.

Mary Molina started making the Lola Granola Bars when their family was going through hard times. Her husband Ernie was eating junk food to save money. So Mary made him nutritious granola bars to save money, making sure they were gluten and soy free due to her children’s allergies, and he loved them! That’s how Lola Granola Bar was born!

Lola gluten-free Granola Bars

I love that the bars are naturally sweetened with honey. It makes the bars slightly gooey, which is great because the bars stick together well. Plus it gives them that slight sweet taste we all love without any scary chemicals or loads of sugar.

All of the bars have the same flavor undertone, but it’s the additional ingredients that really set them apart. The kids particularly enjoyed the bars with fruits because the fruit adds that little bit of extra sweetness. I, personally, enjoyed all of them! I’m pretty sure The Nathan was the family favorite, though. I love that bit of crunch the almonds add.

Lola gluten-free granola bars review

Overall, we’re definitely happy with the Lola Granola Bars. They make a great mid-day snack during our homeschool day and are the perfect snack to pack for our field trips! If you have children that attend a public or private school, they would make a great snack to pack for their lunch!

Lola Granola Bars can be purchased online or at these retail locations.

For More Information:

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Would you like to win an assortment of Lola Granola Bars? The giveaway will run through 10/2/14 at 10pm Central Time and is open to Continental US residents ages 18+. Enter the giveaway now!


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  1. kathy downey

    Oh I bet these are real yummy,I like the wrapper colors.

  2. Dorothy Boucher

    great review, I am so happy for them and they all sound so yummy 🙂 thanks for share

  3. I think these sound wonderful and I am thankful that you did the review. I am always looking for non-GMO foods, especially bars (grab and go)!

  4. Always looking for gluten free products. Will have to try these. Thank You for the review.
    Jackie smith recently posted…Lola Granola Bars Giveaway (ends 10/2)My Profile

  5. Nicole Deardorf

    I love that they are gluten free and non gmo. that has become the real challenge for me since i started eating better, finding great snacks that were non gmo and gluten free. I am looking forward to trying these wonderful looking snacks.

  6. Debbie Bray

    I like that the bars are naturally sweetened with honey

  7. They look yummy. Great for snacking.
    Sandra watts recently posted…Fall Trends From Carter Oshkosh B’gosh Canada #Giveaway – Featured On Hypersweep.comMy Profile

  8. Pretty cool how the Lola bars came about! Cheers!

  9. it’s so cool to hear how companies came into being- great story!!

  10. Tamra Phelps

    These really look good! I’d especially like to try the Ellie or the Enzo. Yum!

  11. These sound great! I think “The Nathan” and “The Ruby” would be my favorites. Thanks for the photos and the review!
    Robin O recently posted…Spring Fling VoxBox from InfluensterMy Profile

  12. I really enjoyed reading your Review of Gluten-Free Granola Bars! These Granola Bars sound SO DELISH! I watched the Video on how and why the Granola Bars started and it was fantastic! I would love to try these! Not only do they taste good, but they are all-natural and good for you as well! Thanks so much for sharing your opinion on these Bars! I’m entering the contest and hoping that I Win so I can get to taste these wonderful Bars!! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Lola Granola Bars Giveaway (ends 10/2)My Profile

  13. Love the bright pics and cute names. I even have started seeing gluten free granola bars at the dollar store! Gluten free can be expensive so love it’s becoming more main stream.

  14. wow if these taste good to me I would be hooked I buy all kinds of protein bars, I am buying luna bars because they are gluten free and mostly organic, so to find another brand that offers —
    No rice, wheat, corn or soy fillers, hydrogenated oils or refined sugar. All bars are not only gluten-free, but also dairy free, soy free, and kosher.
    that is amazing!!! I like to eat a bar like this after , durning or before the gym. because they are also easy to carry with you!! I will be checking these out!!!
    thank you

  15. These look really good. I would love to try them. I love that they are natural and gave no GMO’S! Food has gotten so scary you never know what is safe to eat. It’s good to know that some companies still believe in healthy natural food!

  16. I absolutely Love These Lola Granola Bars! They look delicious and they are good for your as well! I love the fact that the creator of the bars named them after her kids! I Think that I would like the Nathan, Lola, and the Ruby bars the best! Thanks for the review and the information you shared for all of us! I have entered the contest and I’m praying that I win! We would love to try them here in my household! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Family Christian Giveaway (ends 10/8)My Profile

  17. Amanda Fuscone says

    I think it is cool that they put the names on each bar pack.

  18. Cathy French says

    I think I’d like to try the Ruby. I also like that they are sweetened with honey

  19. I loved reading the story of how the bars came to be and how they received their names. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Debra Holloway

    First let me say I really enjoyed this review, it was very interesting. I have been trying to eat healthier. These bars would be a great addition to this new food diet. I am trying to eliminate foods like chips and pretzels as snack foods. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  21. this is a great reveiw!!!! these gronola bars sound great and love the many flavors they offer for everyone. I would love to try the nathan one that one sounds yummy actually they all sound great!!! Thanks for sharing this with us i am gonna find these in my grocery store to try…

  22. Maggie Holcomb

    If I don’t win one of these prize packs, I’m going to Have to buy some!

  23. Kathy Pease says

    These look delicious..I love granola bars but have not yet tried this kind.

  24. These look really tasty! I would love to try them!
    Jasmine P recently posted…Fashion FridayMy Profile

  25. These granola bars look very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I really did want to win the giveaway because I wanted so bad to try a Lola Granola Bar! I’ve been looking and asking people to look for me whenever they go out. Now I know why I can’t find them. I checked the link of retailers that sell them and there are absolutely not 1 in Pennsylvania! Hubby doesn’t like me ordering online because he doesn’t like the credit/debit card online for anything! Right now I couldn’t anyway. I absolutely love the story behind how these bars were initially made! They started out with financial problems and I’m sure they don’t have any of those problems anymore! They look and sound so good! Maybe I’ll get to order some someday! Thanks for the review! I do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Exceptional Teaching Giveaway (ends 10/28)My Profile

  27. These sound delicious and healthy! I try to keep a couple of granola (or healthy) bars with me at all times, never knowing when I need the extra umph! I haven’t noticed these before, but I’m going to look for them and give them a try!

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