Good Work(s) Make a Difference

Disclosure: I received bracelets to facilitate my Good Work(s) bracelets review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Good Works Bracelets Review

There are some companies that go above and beyond to give back. That is what Good Work(s) Make a Difference is all about. They offer beautiful, fashionable bracelets that offer a positive message and donate 25% of their net proceeds to charitable organizations. Their campaigns so far have included a partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network, Home Sweeter Home where they provided home essentials and supplies, Summer of the Mother where they provided a “magical day” to underprivileged mothers, and Spring of the Student where they provided the opportunity for economically disadvantaged students to have their dream prom. Awesome, right? Check out their missions page for more information!

Plus, right now they are also supporting the Wounded Warrior Project for the week for National Armed Services Day. As you probably know, my husband is a Disabled Veteran, and support for our wounded and ill service members is so important and so helpful for our families as we walk through the different challenges in our lives including medical retirement from the military and staying on our feet during the transitions. The Wounded Warrior Project has been a blessing for our family! Good Work(s) Make a Difference pledges to donate $5 from every sale this week to empower Wounded Warriors!

Not only is the work of Good Work(s) Make a Difference inspiring, but each bracelet contains an inspiring message as well! From words of empowerment and inspiration to beautiful Bible Verses – including some of my favorite Bible Verses!

For my review, I received three bracelets: the “I Am Beautiful” Bracelet, Original Wrap Bracelet with Stones, and the Original Come Together Cuff Bracelet.

Good Works Make a Difference Bracelets Review

Not only do their bracelets have a positive message, but they truly are beautiful. They are made of beautiful, sturdy material and can be worn different ways to compliment your outfit. I love the leather and the crystal and nail head accents. Of course, if the accents don’t fit your style, there are many bracelets without them. There are many with a variety of variations of accents as well. Sometimes I wear all three on one arm or the cuff bracelet on one arm and the wrap bracelets on the other. Or I only wear one. You really can mix it up.

With the Come Together Cuff Bracelet, it has an easy to use metal clasp that simply slips together with the Good Work(s) logo. It is definitely the bracelet I wear most often – partly because it’s black, which can be worn with a lot of different colors, and I enjoy the easy to slip on style.

Good Works Make a Difference Bracelet Review

I like that the wrap bracelets can be worn more flexibly, though. If you need a specific message that day, you can wrap it in a way that it’s the message you see most. With the wrap bracelets, you can also make them work together if you have more than one. You can wrap them through each other or just wear them side by side. You can wear them however you’d like! The clasp is similar to a buckle without holes, so you can adjust the length that goes through it to keep the end short or make it longer. Whether you have small wrists or large wrists the wrap bracelet can be adjusted to the perfect size!

Good Work(s) Make a Difference Wrap Bracelet Review

Overall, I am impressed by Good Work(s) Make a Difference in so many ways. Their bracelets are beautiful, unique and stylish plus they offer such a wonderful variety – including bracelets for men! They have been featured in many publications. I love that they give back, and do so generously!

Not to mention, they would make fantastic gifts for a variety of people. Inspire a friend and offer continuous encouragement with the You Are Beautiful Friendship Bracelet and give back to charities as well with your purchase!

With any purchase from Good Work(s) Make a Difference, you receive a positive, stylish bracelet and get to help others in need. It’s a win-win!

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  1. Linda romer

    I love these bracelets. I bought my daughter two of these bracelets for Christmas last year. I think that it’s great they donate 25% of thier profits to charities.

  2. Lorna Patrick

    These bracelets are awesome and I love that they give back from the proceeds earned! Thank you for the review!!

  3. alesha ol says

    you make those look sostylish, yet you can tell that they send a message, too..I love these..practicle, affordable, great as gifts, for self, thanks so much

  4. Karin Shaim says

    these bracelet look great, and they also have great quotes!

  5. Judy Thomas

    These are so lovely and great for self belief and confidence too 🙂 Love them!

  6. Cara Judd

    How awesome that 25% of the proceeds go to charity!

  7. The bracelet is awesome and colorful.
    J-Mei recently posted…My Beauty Diary Caviar MaskMy Profile

  8. Candy Kelley says

    I love the fact that the bracelets support charities that is a great selling point for merchandise. The styles are cute also love the studded bracelets.

    Anita Carol Gambrell recently posted…Wedding&Battles at Manassas !My Profile

  10. I love these!! I think I’ll be getting one for a friend for her birthday soon. Thanks for such a great review and sharing an awesome giveaway with us. Also, thank your husband for his service for me and thank you for sticking by him and your service as well.
    Tiffany Deos recently posted…’s Summer Blockbuster Event!My Profile

  11. Inspiration is definitely a wonderful gift. I like to put up inspirational sayings around the house. Still, I can think of many occasions when it would be nice to have something at my fingertips to remind me to take a breath and that it will all work out. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when the little picture is covering one’s entire vision.
    Bias recently posted…Sweepstaking: A Journey Down the Rabbit HoleMy Profile

  12. The bracelets look good on the wrist…I love the thoughts you can put out there.

  13. sherry butcher

    Thanks you for this review, It’s not very offen we hear about companies that give 25% to great CHARITIES THAT I HAVE ACTUALLY HEAR of. Love the bracelets too.

  14. Alison Gibb

    These bracelets are cute but more importantly, $ goes to great causes!! Love to our heroes, all the troops of the United States of America!!

  15. Jennifer Shelton says

    LOVE these bracelets! I also olive that the money goes to great causes!

  16. I love when companies give back. I always try to buy from them. I love these bracelets too. My granddaughter loves them too. I think she’s hinting that she wants one.

  17. Lily Kwan says

    These bracelets look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  18. What is the complete saying on the original good works make a difference bracelet??

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