A Great Reading App for Young Children

Disclosure: I received a free app download to facilitate my Reading App review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Do you have young kids learning to read or have a classroom of young kids learning to read? Whether you’re a homeschooler, teacher or a parent looking to encourage reading, Rhyme to Read is a valuable app!

Rhyme to Read is a beginning reading program made up of 20 books. It can be used for beginning readers or readers that may need additional help. The only recommended prerequisite is a knowledge of letters and consonant letter sound connections. Our older two children (ages 6 and 8) are both delayed readers due to their special needs, so I was definitely looking forward to trying out the Rhyme to Read app.

Rhyme to Read - Reading App Review

The Rhyme to Read app was created by two educators. Lynn Klaiman is a learning specialist and Sara Hines has a PHd in Special Education. This alone intrigued me since we have three special needs kids. I felt like I was going to get an opportunity to introduce our kids to something special from those that understand special needs. I was definitely right!

Our whole family has been enjoying Rhyme to Read. My original intent was to work it into part of our homeschool day and have each child use it individually so they wouldn’t have distractions and could easily focus on what they are reading. What ended up happening, though, is our preschooler wanted to get involved, too, so it has now become part of our nighttime story time! We’ll all gather around, and our oldest son and daughter will each read one of the books (or a few!). Even our preschooler (age 4) has started recognizing some of the words!

What really stands out about Rhyme to Read is it truly is structured in a way to help kids build upon what they have learned. In addition to being progressive, each book highlights a short vowel sound (4 books per short vowel sound) and word families (like bat, cat, rat). Plus each word family is color coded so they recognize the word families. Our kids are very visual, so the color coding really stood out in their minds. They could clearly see how the word families relate and had a much easier time reading those words because of this feature. It also repeats and re emphasizes the word family to really help it “stick.”

Rhyme to Read  Reading App Review

Color coding the word families also helps them to recognize the differences – that words begin with different sounds. This really helps stress the phonemic sounds, which has been key to our children’s learning. Phonemic awareness is really what has helped our children start to overcome their barriers, and Rhyme to Read definitely provided them with it. They are happy and confident when reading the books on Rhyme to Read versus being frustrated, which is often the case.

In addition to phonological awareness, Rhyme to Read does also introduce sight words. Sight words are in black font to help them recognize them. I always get nervous when sight words pop up because that is one of the things our kids have struggled with most. The way it eases into them, though, and then offers a page at the back to review them really helped them to recognize the sight words, which is a huge step in their reading! There are thirty-five common sight words total that are previewed the first five times they appear.

All three kids really enjoy the characters and pretty much know them by name now. Since their names are often part of the word families this has once again helped them to recognize the word family. I truly love that they do enjoy it as well! Plus I love that it has really been a great way to wind down together enjoying reading for once. Even if we’ve had a stressful homeschool day, this is reading time we all enjoy together.

Rhyme to Read is available on the App Store in 2 versions. The 1st Version is free and includes Book #1. You can then opt to make in app purchases of the additional books at $.99 each. The 2nd Version includes all 20 books for just $9.99 – a great value! We have been using it on our 2nd generation iPad with the current iOS, though it can be used on Apple devices with iOS 6 and higher.

For More Information:

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  1. Dorothy Boucher

    these books sound really interesting and I know a couple of my grand-children who could use these.. great review and thanks for share ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How touching that your 4 year old wanted to participate and now your older kids are reading to the family. It is encouraging to know that your 4 year old is recognizing some of the words. I have a granddaughter the same age and I would love to have this for her. Both her mom and dad are very supportive and most evenings they are playing games or helping their oldest with homework. This app would be a great way for my granddaughter to begin reading.

  3. This looks like a cute app. I love ebooks because they don’t take up a ton of space. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Lily Kwan says

    This app looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love how they teach and how they high light for better visual sounds , I am just starting to teach a couple of my grandchildren some words.. One great thing is to write out words and place them around the house, ( like Door , rug, tub , sink , bathroom, towel and so on lol ) its just so every time we go into the kitchen they see different words, and no this is only done when they are here, or like weekends or something but not every day lol so looking at these books I know they could help me to help them to read.. thanks

  6. michelle elizondo says

    Reading apps are my favorite for my kids.

  7. Amy Lovell says

    I love how it rhymes so kids can get really into the story their reading.

  8. Rhyming words not only teach sound but is a fun learning experience. Most children love to learn and make up their own rhymes about one thing or another, its part of kids play so why not incorporate an educational element into it. If they enjoy it they will stay attentive and learn.
    Debra Holloway recently posted…Help me win a Walmart gift card!My Profile

  9. This looks like a cute app… ……I love ebooks because they donโ€™t take up a ton of space.

  10. kathy downey

    what a great review you have written,my grandkids would really enjoy this

  11. Deborah D says

    looks like a nice app for kids

  12. nikki robak

    these apps would be great for my grandson to learn

  13. I would love to have this for our 5 year old grandson. Sounds like a wonderful app. I like the color code idea.

  14. Lauryn R

    This looks like a great app! My daughter just turned 5 and I am trying to teach her how to read, or at least get started on it before she starts Kindergarten here in a couple of weeks. This looks like a very helpful app and I would love to give it a try with her!

  15. kathy downey

    This looks like a cute app.thanks for sharing

  16. Look like a useful app for my kid.It’s really great efforts indeed.

  17. Pamela Kumfer says

    These books are great for beginners and children that struggles with words

  18. This sounds wonderful. I have a 3 year old grandson who will be starting preschool this year. I bet this would be wonderful for him. He is very smart for his age too.

  19. I have a first grader and always looking for ways to encourage her to read. Love the app and also how it uses there imagination. thank You for the review.
    Jackie smith recently posted…Lola Granola Bars Giveaway (ends 10/2)My Profile

  20. Debbie Bray

    This sounds like a wonderful program. I would love to have this for my niece and nephew.

  21. Debbie Bray

    I like that these books are progressive and build on what children all ready know.

  22. These would be great for my grandkids. Nice review.
    Sandra Watts recently posted…Rockin Wellness – Worlds best superfood health shakeMy Profile

  23. Alesha ol says

    This is adorable, not to mention looks fun. I checked out the FB site, too.

  24. Nipa

    Looks like a very educational and fun app for the kids, my daughter will love it as she loves to read

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