GREEMU Beauty Oil {Devonian Review}

Emu Oil has a lot of great benefits including benefits to the skin. There hasn’t been a suitable vegan alternative, though. That is why Devonian has developed GREEMU – a blend of plant oils and butters that exhibit the same properties of emu oil. A green alternative to emu oil.


As someone who regularly uses green products, I was definitely curious about and interested in the opportunity to try and share my GREEMU review. On top of that, I have problem skin, so I’m always excited to try products that may help improve my skin! I definitely appreciate plant-based products, but I did wonder how it would compare as far as the consistency, color, texture, etc. Although I haven’t used emu oil by itself, I had the blessing of reviewing products that contain emu oil from Koru Naturals. I was excited to see GREEMU is available at Koru Naturals as well!

When I received my 4 fl. oz. bottle of GREEMU, I was looking forward to integrate it into my skin care routine right away. It includes detail descriptions for how it can be used on the skin as well as the hair and scalp. Upon reading the label for the directions, I also noticed one of the ingredients is organic and certified sustainable.

The consistency is a thicker but oily consistency. It is slightly cloudy. It’s noted to start with only a few drops at a time, which I found a little difficult. It does have a standard pour-type cap, so getting just a few drops is a bit of a challenge, but it did come out slowly, so you can get drops rather than a lot at once if you squeeze slowly.

GREEMU Review - Consistency

I, personally, felt there was a learning curve to using just the right amount. I have mostly been using it on my face, and, at first, I tried to only use a few drops total, but I found it wasn’t enough to cover my face. If I use too much, though, it leaves a greasy feeling on my face. It does take quite some time to absorb, but once I got into a routine with the right amount, I no longer had the greasy feeling after it absorbed completely.

I have definitely seen a difference in my skin. Although I haven’t seen much of an improvement with my blemishes, I am so pleased with how it has balanced out my complexion. I have wildly uneven combination skin. The area over my nose and cheeks is usually a little oily and my forehead is extremely dry. When I put on powder foundation, my forehead looks flaky! It’s awful. GREEMU has been great for resolving this! I make sure I put it on right upon waking up so it does have time to fully absorb before putting on makeup, and I don’t have the flaky forehead!

Greemu Review

Overall, although I felt it took about a week or so to get into a routine with when it was best to use it and the best amount for my skin, I was so happy with the results. I think with continued, regular use I will see more benefits as well!

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  1. violet taylor

    this looks amazing, im not into beauty products normally but i will try this!

  2. Barrie

    As another birthday passed a few days ago, I need to improve my skin care. I’ll look into Greemu!

  3. Just when I thought I couldn’t love your blog more than I already do I come across this review! I’ve always wanted to try emu oil and wished for a vegan alternative but never thought there was one! I have the same combination skin on my face and am also looking for a good hand moisturizer so I don’t think the learning curve is a dealbreaker. Thanks again for another awesome post! 😀

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