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Did you know Green Choice Carpet Cleaning also offers a wool rug cleaner? Plus they do their work in house and use eco-friendly products! I have shared information about Green Choice Carpet Cleaner before and how awesome I think it is that they offer natural, eco-friendly rug and carpet cleaning. I just recently discovered, though, they also clean wool! I really love wool because it is a natural fiber versus so many synthetic fibers that are often in rugs, but the maintenance is so tedious! To have someone come in and clean it for you, and with natural products at that would be amazing and make it totally worth owning one!

Green Choice

As I’ve mentioned before Green Choice uses natural products and avoids all thosse nasty chemicals! They have a very similar “ingredients to avoid list” that I do! The first time I viewed their website I was soo impressed by their ingredients! You can view that information at a previous Green Choice Carpet Cleaner post. They not only share a list of their ingredients, but they also share why it’s important to choose natural ingredients as well as avoid certain ingredients that are commonly found in household cleaners. Having special medical needs in our home ingredients are very important to us! You can have Green Choice clean your carpets or wool rugs knowing their cleaners are safe for the whole family!

Green Choice offers competitive prices, and I found many coupons available on their website. You can view their service locations on the right-hand side of their website.

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  1. Fantastic. It’s so nice to see a cleaning service that doesn’t use chemicals, so I don’t have to choose between finding the time to clean myself or having cleaners use products I’m trying to keep out of my home.

  2. Great! I love wool also. I hate to clean it tho. I guess I can look forward to buying a few wool rugs at home! !!!!! 🙂

  3. Maddie Klingaman says

    I have a beautiful wool rug that needs some spot cleaning. I bet this would work well for it.

  4. I do not have a wool-rug nor does it need cleaning, but I like the Green Choice that gives you options for different styles of carpets and not just one cleaner – you never know what you will get especially when they say – test a spot to make sure it doesn’t leave a mark? Then why did I buy your product? Thank you for this!

  5. i dont have a wool rug but i have a regular rug that could use some cleaning to

  6. Informative post about the woolen rugs.Using of the natural products is something which is catching up these days. I hired a Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning company called and they did wonders to my carpet using the green products and used less water .I think that it was my bit of contributing to the environment by hiring green people. And for my woolen rugs will surely go with green choice. Kudos to you guys for contributing to the environment.

  7. I was unsuccessful in finding locations. I would have to fill out a form for them to contact me. Am I missing something somewhere? Thanks

  8. Natural or green carpet cleaning products are becoming very popular as many people all over the world are looking for more options to chemical products. They are also very effective and provide eco-friendly solution.

  9. Thanks for the informative post.. good going

  10. really enjoyed looking through your blogs..

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