Happy New Year!

I have so much to catch up on as I have obviously been slacking on this blog! 2011 truly was “out with the old, in with the new.” One of the first things you’ll probably notice is the only business I had on this blog is no longer there! I am now only a preferred buyer with them and may even lose that status soon due to quotas I’m not meeting. I loved the idea of organic products and eco products like the skoy clothes and produce bags, but when I realized the reusable products were wholesale through other companies it crossed my mind that *I* could buy them wholesale and offer them through Pea of Sweetness! Another adventure for a future time, but not now! 😉 For my bath and body products I still shop from my own business where I’ve teamed up with Melaleuca through Work at Home United. Not everything is “organic,” but they are free of my most common concerns and a more affordable alternative! And they offer so many products it’s easy to just shop from my own “store” and save money! So it is what was right for us now!

I have my priorities now, and I feel confident with them! Nerium is such an amazing company with an amazing product! They genuinely care about their Brand Partners and offer us so many wonderful incentives! I feel so blessed to have found them and am part of such an amazing team! Nerium is my #1 business focus, and I plan on going far with it! 🙂 Nerium will be the FIRST company that is this young to be featured in Success at Home magazine! I just see so many great things ahead!

Since moving to Fort Hood I have also discovered there is not an Initials, Inc. Rep here, so I’m excited to get that off the ground here and start booking parties! I’m so excited for the Spring/ Summer line that is coming out in Feb and the awesome Jan Shopportunities where you can be the first to get some of the Spring/ Summer products! Plus Initials, Inc. Was just featured on Good Morning America! How fun is that!?

Everything else? Well, one (bed and bath linens) was short lived. I was excited for the reduced kit price but really wasn’t into the products like I thought I would be. But I figured for that kit price I’d give it a try! My heart wasn’t in it, though, so I decided I needed to whittle it out. Having multiple businesses is hard enough! Holding on to one you have no interest in is just not a good choice! As for the others they’re still around! Rumor has it Barefoot Books will start requiring a sales quota, and in that case I won’t keep it, either. Again, I have my focus elsewhere, so although I love their books I won’t have enough time/ energy to devote to making said quota, and I don’t buy books often enough to make it myself!

I plan on revamping my website as well! I’m going to be combining my website and blog into one if all goes well with the domain transfer! I will not be including one of my businesses on my website, though, due to new restrictions in their Policy & Procedures. It has its own blog/ website, though, so if you’re still interested in info for that send me a message! 🙂

And I’m not one to make resolutions, but I am going to strive to blog and update Pea of Sweetness more! There are fun and challenging times to being a full-time, homeschooling “mompreneur.” I’d love to continue to share my journey with you! I hope 2012 brings you much prosperity and many blessings!

* Please note that I did not mention the names of the businesses I left in order to not make it seem I am remarking negatively about them. I’m whittling down my businesses for my own sake so I can focus on what is important and not because they “did me wrong.” Every business and success you have in that business is based on what you put into it (though yes, they may have different comp plans, restrictions, monthly business fees, etc.), and I can only put so much into each one and still maintain my family and home as well as the ability to better focus my time & energy on my MAIN businesses. If you have a concern that it may be one through which you’ve purchased products from me please feel free to contact me privately so I can let you know or connect you with another consultant! 🙂 *

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