Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, so I’m a day plus (or 2 since it’s almost midnight!) late, but I still felt like I needed to do a Valentine’s post! My Valentine’s Day was non-eventful, but honestly, I prefer it that way. I’m totally not a “romantic” person, though I feel sorry for my husband because he is FANTASTIC at being romantic! It’s not that I don’t appreciate it – it just doesn’t really matter to me one way or another. We went to the “Hood Howdy” last week, which is a way to introduce different services available here at and around Fort Hood. Besides the fact that our sensory sensitive kids didn’t last very long (and my husband had to take the younger 2 to the car), I did get a lot of stuff, learn a lot of stuff, and enter a lot of giveaways! And we WON one! We won a “dinner and a movie” from Pioneer Services. Yes I’m totally linking up to them because seriously it’s so awesome! They gave us a $75 gift card to a Texas Land & Cattle and a $25 gift card to Cinemark! What a blessing! I can’t even tell you the last time we went to dinner and a movie! I’m so excited! So yes, I may not be the “romantic type,” but dinner and a movie sounds fantastic, and I can’t wait to go!

Overall, though, Valentine’s day wasn’t “just another day” here, either. My husband came home early from work because he was sick. I wasn’t feeling well either, so I did a bunch of nothing all day as it was. I was planning like this great fun Valentine’s project for homeschool, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, though, we did “creative play.” B set up a “valentine shop” using an end table and both of the older two kids acted out giving and receiving Valentine’s gifts. For 5 and 4 year olds I would say that is actually a pretty good “project” for Valentine’s day! I think sometimes we try SO hard to set up these perfect projects, follow the curriculum to a “t,” etc. when young kids have so much “natural learning” they can do! I think it’s needed sometimes, too! Obviously practice makes perfect, so learning the same things over and over can be redundant for them it is necessary as well, but I’m beginning to see it’s JUST as necessary to have days where their imagination can run wild! I mean seriously, they set up a Valentine’s “project” all on their own with no prompting! I think sometimes I don’t give them enough credit! Although I had to keep reminding B not to SIT on the table his creativity and ideas for Valentine’s Day were definitely to be applauded! And we all know how good they feel when we give them credit for good ideas! 🙂 So yeah, my husband might have been sick, and I might not have been feeling the greatest, but all in all I would say we had a GREAT Valentine’s Day!

How about you? What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

If you homeschool – what were your Valentine’s projects (if any)?

If you’re a business owner – what were your “Valentine’s” goals? Did you have any sales or specials specifically for Valentine’s Day?

I really considered promoting sales and specials similar to Black Friday, but I had just had my first Initials, Inc party at my home on Saturday, and I was working on getting the word out before I closed the party today. Since I’m trying not to spread myself too thin I didn’t want to focus on too much at once! I felt like I didn’t get much more unpacking and organizing done this week, but I had a great turnout at my first Initials, Inc. party here at our house. We had new friends over and kids and a visit from my mother in-law as well this weekend! It was great! So I’ve been working on wrapping the party up as well as just feeling kind of “blah.” I started a new workout program because the one I had chosen just wasn’t the “right one” for me right now. Tomorrow I’m going to Dallas for a Nerium Real Results Party with Jeff Olson (the CEO) himself as well as his beautiful wife and daughter (both co-founders), co-founder Dennis Windsor, AND National Marketing Director Mark Smith! WOW! Now, I’d like to think my person Real Results parties are pretty fun, but man, I know they’re NOTHING compared to this! LOL If you’re in Texas and interested in going let me know ASAP!! 🙂 Seriously, whether you’re interested in finding out what Nerium can do for you or you’re interested in learning that AND the about the business plan you won’t want to miss this! Nerium is the youngest company EVER to be featured in Success From Home magazine (January 2010 at just over 90 days old!!) Plus my husband has a 4-day weekend for President’s Day, so it helps that he doesn’t have to go into work bright and early as usual on Friday, so I don’t feel so bad if the little guy won’t sleep well for him since I’ll be home late, but he can sleep in! I have a feeling he’ll sleep better WITHOUT my being at home, though! Out of sight, out of mind, right?

If you’re new to “Pea of Sweetness” welcome! I’m just starting to revamp the website and give it more of a personal touch! Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook as well! Pea of Sweetness is all about being a full-time homeschooling mom of special needs kids, multi-business owner, and military spouse! It’s about me being me and why I choose to do what I do to make a difference in my family’s life! I’ll also be re-doing my “About Me” to give the more detailed story as well! And stay tuned as I start to add more “Pages” to my website to include more information about the businesses that I do and how to get more information! For now, you’ll see that I’ve linked them up via their names in the posts! I’m so excited to share my journey with you! My goals are to inspire you to do more – to be who God has called you to be! We all have limitations – some of mine were mentioned – but we can still aspire to be our best and do what is best for us and our families. That “best” is going to be different for everyone! I want to REALLY CONNECT and learn more about YOU as well! I love to link to and support other parent bloggers, entrepreneurs, homeschoolers, parents of special needs children, etc., so please don’t hesitate to comment on any posts and let me know who you are! My goal for 2012 is to get Pea of Sweetness off the ground and bring you new, interesting content more often! And for my friends and family that have always been there – I can’t say thank-you enough! You have watched Pea of Sweetness go from a dream to start a sewing business making cloth diapers and attachment parenting products to the crush of that dream when my husband got cancer and I couldn’t possibly sit at a sewing machine, to the ups and downs of attempting again and finding out my husband’s cancer returned, to saying well, this is what I can do NOW and finding other means to help build my dream (in direct sales/network marketing businesses). I have had an amazing support system including my wonderful husband, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for our family – and all of yours! So Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope it was a wonderful day of “love” and you have many more! 🙂

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