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Our family loves music. I love that our kids respond well to it and learn through it as well. As a homeschool mom, I always appreciate the opportunity for music education as well, so when I was presented with the opportunity to take a Music Together class with our youngest son thanks to Moms Meet, I was very excited to check it out!

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Music Together nurtures the natural musicality of each child from babies through the early elementary years. In family classes, adults learn together with their children and can then re-create the fun at home with recordings and songbooks. The curriculum of Music Together is deeply integrated into the classroom experience all day long and then continues at home as families are encouraged to use the music and home materials to further their child’s learning and fun.

Music Together classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids (ages 5-7) are found in more than 2500 communities in 41 countries around the world. Everyone participates at his or her own developmental level in classes of mixed ages, which child development researchers find fosters natural, family-style learning. Classes are 45 minutes of fun and in a non-performance-oriented setting. There are a variety of songs and musical styles that are pitched in perfect range for children’s early voices.

Music Together Review

For our Music Together review we had the opportunity to attend a local Music Together class and received a variety of music and curricula materials including:

  • Fiddle CD and code for the online Family Music Zone, which provides access to downloadable songs, activities and more
  • Fiddle songbook, which includes the music notation and lyrics as well as activities for each song on the CD
  • Helpful books for welcoming families and information to help us get started
  • Family Favorites CD’s
  • A pair of egg shakers
  • Their award-winning Singalong Storybook, Hello Everybody!

It was all packaged in a cute bag!

Music Together Review

The materials we received were wonderful. I actually wasn’t sure where to start! I decided to start with the Fiddle book and CD so I could get familiar with the way the Music Together Curriculum is structured. This not only helped me prepare, but I feel like it gave Chaz an idea of what we would be doing and that it is FUN! Chaz has Sensory Processing Disorder, so it is easy for him to get anxious about participating in group settings, but he really enjoyed the music, and I think it really helped not only lessen his anxiety but encourage him to go to a class! This curriculum is provided to parents each semester.

Music Together Review Curriculum

The information books really helped me to get a feel for what to expect as well – not only in class but what I can do at home as well. I love music and although we do use a music curricula in our homeschool, it helped me realize I actually overlook it quite often – especially when we have a full day. It’s so important, though, and I’m so glad it made me reevaluate how often we use music in our home.

The CD’s definitely added a great way to do so! Even our older two children like to sing along! I have found they’re also a great intercession between our homeschool studies, which is important for our kids because they all have special needs and need breaks in between subjects. Plus, I love all the great activity suggestions!

Music Together CDs

The Hello, Everybody! story book is so much fun! If you’re familiar with the song, you can sing it together with your child(ren). It also is nice to just read as well. The book has eye-catching illustrations with bright colors that kids love. It is not just a story. It contains information for using the book, activities, information on how to get the Music Together music and a music page with the song. Although I don’t consider myself a skilled piano player, it is very basic notes, and I was able to play it easily while we all sang together.

Music Together Review Hello Everybody book

Music Together Review – Music Together Findlay Class

We were definitely excited for the opportunity to visit a local Music Together Class. Music Together Findlay offers a variety of class days and times, which makes it easy to fit your schedule. There are daytime classes as well as evening classes. Being a homeschool family, we have a flexible schedule and I, personally, prefer to avoid going out in the evenings, so I was thrilled to be able to visit a daytime class.

Music Together Findlay

When we first arrived we were greeted warmly and Chaz instantly started running around. My mom instinct is to ask him to sit down, but that’s one of the reasons it’s hard for us to attend group classes because he can’t just sit down all the time. As a special needs mom, I often feel uncomfortable in group situations because I’m always worried we won’t be welcome, but our kids need them. I didn’t feel like that at all in our Music Together class. Chaz did have a meltdown near the end, but even then I didn’t feel uncomfortable like I have otherwise, and I just took him to the bathroom to let the sensory overload pass.

Music Together Review Findlay

It really was a lot of fun! I know I had fun participating, and Chaz really did as well! He usually doesn’t participate, so I was surprised how much he was participating! He was really having a good time! We sang a variety of songs and did a lot of fun activities. He had the opportunity to interact with other children as well as the adults. I loved that parents are encouraged to participate and that they did! I really think it helps the children feel comfortable so they are more likely to participate as well.

Overall, we really had a great time! Chaz had fun participating, and despite feeling a little overwhelmed at the end, he talks about it positively. It makes me feel good when I know he really enjoyed something!

Visit a Music Together Class

Music Together has classes in many locations! Learn more about joining a Music Together Class and get a free lullaby song!

Tuition for a ten-week Music Together semester varies by location, but averages about $180-$200. Tuition includes weekly classes, at-home materials, and access to the online parents-only website with bonus activities and digital versions of the songs.

For More Information:

Visit the Music Together Website
Connect with Music Together on Facebook and YouTube


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  1. Recipe Fairy says

    This looks like a lot of fun! Me and my six year old son love singing together!

  2. Cynthia Mercado

    I love this music program! I will use it with my son and my grandchildren!

  3. Nancy Burgess

    What a fun music program.

  4. Nancy Burgess

    All this is great for the . Kids.

  5. Michelle elizondo says

    I love getting together to sing play dance.

  6. Cheryl Reinhardt

    I love that music touches 2500 communities in 41 countries around the world.
    That is Amazing, that so many people are touched by Music.

  7. I bet my daughter (17 months old) would LOVE a music together class. How fun, we love to watch the little show on BabyFirstTv of the circle of people and they sing and dance with their babies, we follow along at home. I wish I could think of the name of it, but it seems very similar to this.

  8. Tamra Phelps

    This looks like big fun for young kids, especially. They usually love music & this lets them spend fun time with others, too.

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