As a busy homeschool family, it’s always nice to be able to access a variety of resources in one place. offers a variety of homeschool resources from tests, worksheets, lessons, games and more for PreK-12th Grade. For our Help Teaching review we received the Help Teaching Pro Subscription for one-year.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

We have been using Elementary ages resources to supplement our homeschool with all three kids – ages 6, 8, and 10. All of the resources on can be accessed online through a user’s account. This includes the printable resources as well as the online/digital resources. With a Pro Subscription members have access to all of the resources for the duration of the subscription. Other subscription options are available which includes a Free Member and Group Pro Subscription for schools and businesses.

The differences between the memberships includes:

  • Help Teaching Pro Subscription members have unlimited access to using the Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets. They have access to unlimited online tests and lessons for up to 500 students as well as up to 100 questions in the custom tests and worksheets which can also have images. They are able to save their tests as PDFs, have access to the Test Room to administer online tests and lessons, have access to pre-made premium content, and they can browse and search CCSS-aligned questions by standard.
  • Group Pro Subscription members have the same resources available, but they get up to 500 students per teacher. Group Pro Subscription Members also have the ability to share tests with their group.
  • Free Members also have unlimited access to using the Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets. They only have the ability to have up to 10 questions without images.

Help Teaching Review

Help Teaching Review

Printable Resources

For our Help Teaching Review I have been using a variety of resources. One of my favorite resources is the Game Generator – particularly the Word Search. Our kids love Word Searches, and I love that it helps them recognize words. Plus, I was surprised at the options available. I have the ability to choose the title, place words backwards (or not), create the word list, and show the answer key. I can even quickly generate a new puzzle.

Something I really appreciate about this feature on is that not only can I generate games, but I can then also download them to the computer in PDF format, save them to “My Content” within my account, or print.

Additionally, we have been using to generate a variety of worksheets to supplement our curriculum. This has been the bulk of our use. We’ve been using a variety of worksheets from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade. Worksheets are easy to access searching by either grade or subject. They really do cover all grades and subjects! There are also Seasonal worksheets! I simply print them out and add them to the kids’ folder for the day!

Help Teaching Review Worksheets

Online Resources

Additionally, we have been trying out the Online Self-Paced Lessons. The subjects included are Language Arts, Math, and Science. The lessons include text and pictures, a video and practice questions. They are short lessons, and the kids seem to enjoy them. I do have the option to “assign” lessons, but I have opted to just open the lessons I want them to do at that time. It’s definitely been a nice supplement to our homeschool!

Although I think the Test Generator can be a valuable resource for many homeschoolers, I really don’t focus on or stress testing in these early years. So, although I took a look at the “Test Maker,” it’s not a resource I am interested in using in our homeschool. It also has many great features including generating your own completely from scratch, using questions from the Help Teaching Library, or just by specify keywords, grade level and number of questions. It definitely seems handy!

Overall, I do think offers a variety of helpful resources. I, personally, have stuck to the resources mentioned. Many of the resources are aligned to Common Core, so I look over them carefully before choosing. We try to avoid Common Core, so not all of the resources were a good fit for our homeschool. Of course, we also found many that were. I do think it is a helpful resource for homeschoolers with a variety of styles and children of multiple ages.

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