Our Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2017

Probably the question I get asked most often is “What homeschool curriculum do you use?” I have to admit, I find it amusing because I think I get asked this question from people who don’t homeschool just as often than those who do. Regardless who is asking, it’s a question that stops me in my tracks. It’s not that I don’t know what we’re using, it’s that it’s not so easy.

Homeschool Curriculum

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I don’t use just one curriculum. We pick and pull from all kinds of curricula. I learned a long time ago a boxed curriculum doesn’t work for us. Even having two children at the same relative grade level they don’t use all of the same curricula. It’s the beauty of homeschooling! All three of my children are unique. I love being able to tailor each child’s learning experience to their needs.

I think it’s particularly great for homeschooling special needs children because they can learn in the way that is best for them and they’re not tied down to one grade level. For example, I don’t have to hold my oldest son back in all subjects just because he’s delayed in one. He’s significantly delayed in reading and writing but only slightly delayed in other subjects. Or if they’re ahead you don’t have to hold them back like in my daughter’s case.

All that being said, it’s time to reveal our homeschool curriculum picks for 2017!

Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2017

Our Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2017

When planning our new homeschool year I do ask the kids how they feel about our curricula. I love getting their feedback and definitely take it into account. Of course, my oldest says he doesn’t like anything, so I kind of have to go on what he’s done well with and go from there. B and A are both at about a 4th Grade Level and C is at about a 1st Grade Level.

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

B – 4th Grade. He’s on the Autism Spectrum and has reading and writing challenges.

Veritas Bible – We just love this Bible curriculum. Our family uses VeritasBible.com, which has been working well for my kids. Check out our Veritas Bible Review.

IEW Primary Arts of Language – This curriculum is generally recommended for K-2, but B is still delayed in both writing and reading. PAL is also recommended for children with special needs. View our IEW Primary Arts of Language Review.

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization – This is another great resource from Institute for Excellence in Writing. It’s a fantastic supplement. Check out our Poetry Memorization Review.

Red Apple Reading – We’re using this as a supplement and he really likes it. It has multiple levels, and he has fun while learning. See our Red Apple Reading review.

CTC Math – We had the opportunity to review CTC Math twice, and it’s definitely been one of our favorites. View our CTC Math Review.

Times Alive – My older two kids have been learning their times tables with Times Alive and have been loving it! Stay tuned! Our review is coming soon!

Science Shepherd – This is a great online science curriculum that is faith-based. It’s easy to follow and offers hands-on projects as well. Check out our Science Shepherd review.

A – 4th Grade.

Aurora is slightly advanced. By age she would be in 3rd grade. There are some overlaps since she and B are generally at the same grade level, though she doesn’t have reading or writing delays.

Veritas Bible

Lightning Literature – This is actually a 1st Grade Curriculum, but I knew it was too advanced for my 1st Grader. We hadn’t yet finished it, and I thought it would be a good review and way to ease into our new school year. Learn more in my Lightning Literature Review.

Bible Heroes – This is the next step up from the Primary Arts of Language from the Institute for the Excellence in Writing. We will beginning this soon and will share our review shortly after! Learn more about Bible Heroes.

New American Cursive – This is another curriculum we had started but didn’t yet finish so we decided to revisit it. Plus I already got the next level! Read my New American Cursive Review.

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization

CTC Math

Times Alive

Science Shepherd

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

C has Sensory Processing Disorder and has fine motor delays as well as reading challenges. We’re going really heavy on the language arts this year, and this was actually by his request. I’m really excited about it!

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar – He has just loved this and wanted to keep going, and so we are! Check out our Jolly Grammar and Jolly Phonics review.

Can Do Cubes – The Can Do Cubes really are a great hands-on resource to use alongside Jolly Phonics, but really they can be a great supplement for any grammar curriculum. Read our Can Do Cubes review.

Logic of English Foundations – C has really enjoyed Foundations and he was excited to jump back into it. We had the opportunity to review both Foundations A and Foundations B.

Eclectic Foundations – This is a curriculum we’re currently reviewing and he has been loving it! Stay tuned because the review will be coming in a couple of weeks!

CTC Math

Various Bible Activities from Twin Sisters Productions – They offer a variety of great Bible resources for young kids. C’s favorite is the Bible Story Mazes & Puzzles.

What Homeschool Curriculum are You Using?

Although this is the base of our curriculum it’s very possible we’ll make some changes through the year. Sometimes we discover something isn’t going to work from us. Because I review curricula, sometimes we end up reviewing something else that we discover is a great fit for our family and we either add it in on top of our base or we replace something. We’re kind of all over the place with our arts because it works for us!

Are you an eclectic homeschooler as well or do you use a specific curriculum? Do you have a favorite homeschool curriculum?


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