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This was shared from a homeschooling group, and the organizer in me absolutely loved it! My kids are still a little young, so it’s not some we can personally use at this time, but it’s one less thing I have to find later! I’m loving how many free resources are available out there! This website (it will be linked below) is overall fantastic! Save yourself both time and money by checking it out!

Create professional homeschool transcripts easily!
Download PEAH’s Free Homeschool Transcript Template

This is my first post from my iPad from the WordPress app. I just got my iPad yesterday and already love it! Yes, I got the iPad2 (already discounted since the new one was announced!) because there wasn’t anything extra exceptional about the new one (to me), so I was happy to get this one for $100 less! 🙂 I hope it still flows nicely on my site. I’ve used the android app on my phone many times without issues, so I assume it will be fine! In the mean time I’ve been doing random things like taking pictures of my animals in Dream Zoo and staring in awe of the more detailed graphics! Haha I hope you find the template I found useful and stay tuned for another giveaway tomorrow! One of my own!! 🙂 It will also be the first time I’ll be introducing myself as a distributor for this company, so it’s even more suspense! Be blessed and check in tomorrow!


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