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Homeschooling Special Needs

With the conclusion of the school year, including for many homeschool families as well, many are already thinking about the next school year or even go over the previous school year in their mind. If parents have preschool age children or those approaching Kindergarten age they may start thinking of the future. When you have a special needs child (or children) education decisions can often be affected by our emotions. Many parents of special needs children WANT to homeschool but are afraid they can’t. I know because that was me. I knew I was going to homeschool my children, but when our oldest was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum I instantly switched my mindset convincing myself “I can’t handle it.” I’m not going to go into my full story because I want to share it in this upcoming project next week. That is where you come in! I’m looking for homeschooling parents of special needs children to participate in a Blog Hop. The date of the project is June 25th. The goal of the project is to share encouragement for parents of special needs children than have the desire to homeschool but may be apprehensive or unsure. I know how God used others to touch my heart when I needed it most, and our family has benefit tremendously for it, and I’m praying this project will be a blessing to those that are “on the fence” as well as the bloggers that are sharing their hearts and stories. To participate you just need to make a blog post on June 25th and include a code for the Blog Hop which will link to all the other participating blogs so readers can easily find all of our stories. I will send the graphic above as well, which is optional to include in your post. That’s it! Simply share your experience and encouragement. We know it’s not easy, but we know it’s worth it! If you’d like to participate simply sign up on the form below. I will send you the Blog Hop link-up code by June 23rd so you will have it for your post as well as instructions for making sure you link up your own post to it as well in case you are new to link-ups and/or Blog Hops! I’m definitely open to answer any and all questions you may have! Do you know someone else that may like to participate? Please spread the word! I would love for this project to grow! In fact, we’ll continue inviting others to participate for a week after our post as well! (I will send the details for that information, too!)

Are you homeschooling a special needs child (or children) and would like to participate but don’t have a blog? No problem! On the form you will see there is a place to share a sentence or two of encouragement, which I will be sharing within my post (or the other bloggers may share) from anyone who would like to share a sentence or two of encouragement. It will be posted as a quote with your name. Once the posts are live I will send you the link to the blog post that contains your quote.

For more information and to sign up for this project please use the form below:

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