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Welcome to Day 2 of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials! If you missed Day 1, you can find ALL of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials here.

Homeschooling Essentials

The homeschooling life with three special needs children plus a mom with a chronic pain condition and Sensory Processing Disorder as well can be rather “interesting.” There are days when our youngest has a meltdown, which trickles to the other two, and eventually I’m emotionally exhausted as well! There are also days when my Fibro flares up, and it hurts to sit let alone stand and do a lot of hands-on activities! It’s days like those I’m particularly grateful to incorporate computers into our homeschooling!

Our kids are young (ages 3, 6, and 7), and there really isn’t a lot of hands-on work they can do by themselves. Plus I enjoy doing the hands-on work with them and might even have a hard time giving up that habit when they get a little older and might want to do more work independently. Independent work is also nice because it gives me a chance to have more one-on-one time with one of the other kids or even get some housework done if needed! Having both of our oldest kids on the computers at the same time has really helped when it comes to unpacking from our move (which I’m STILL doing!). On the hard days, it also gives us a little break. Time to breathe. It’s feels more relaxed yet they are still learning! It’s really a wonderful blessing!

So what do they DO on the computer? Well, they both are working on reading with Reading Kingdom, which is a program they do regularly regardless of the type of day we’re having. They work on Splash Math and IXL for math and Language Arts. Plus our oldest is also taking an Introduction to Programming Course through Tynker (which is one I actually have to sit in on with him) and is learning typing through Keyboard Classroom.

Keyboard Classroom Review

If the wealth of programs we have available to us on the computer isn’t enough we also use it to watch different learning DVDs or interesting videos or pictures I find online that correlates to something we’re learning. I also print off lessons from various curricula that use PDFs rather than physical books. This is becoming VERY common, and it’s appealing because it saves on costs and shipping costs. Plus, most curriculum that is purchased and received via PDF allows us to print off many copies, and I can use them for all three children. Many physical books have a copyright that doesn’t allow reprinting of the material. Sometimes I need extra just because they need more practice!

The computer also connects me to other homeschooling moms that I wouldn’t otherwise know and be able to exchange knowledge, tips, support, and even friendship! This has been a blessing beyond words. I am able to see what works for some and what doesn’t and make better decisions for our own homeschool based on this knowledge. I’ve also been able to find so many FREE resources through these connections!

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

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  1. Melanie Schemanski says

    Love the part about the computer connecting you with other homeschool moms! a priority for sure!

  2. Computers are definitely helpful! Thanks for sharing about how they benefit your family. I’ll try to keep this post in mind for homeschoolers or possible homeschoolers who may benefit from it. ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

  3. Sandra Beeman says

    I’m happy to see computers being used by children is such a productive manner. Also, its good to know those whom homeschool their children can effectively communicate and share ideas.

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