Homeschooling Essentials – Love

Welcome to Day 3 of the “5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials” Blog Hop!

The first two days I talked about some physical essentials for homeschooling, but I wanted to change it up a little bit today because not everything that is essential to our homeschooling is physical. In this case, I want to talk about love. Love of God and love of my family. Unconditional love.

Homeschooling Essentials - Love

You might be surprised to see that I didn’t say “love of homeschooling.” The truth is you probably won’t always “love” homeschooling. I know I have days were I barely even like it! Those are the days it is really, really hard! It’s not my love of homeschooling that keeps me going – it’s because I love God and love my family.

God has blessed me with three unique children that challenge me and help me grow as a parent as well as in my relationship with Him. I don’t take lightly the fact that he has also blessed me with the opportunity to educate them at home. It’s an amazing responsibility, and I want to do my best. I acknowledge I’m not perfect, obviously, but I give my best because I love Him. I WANT to give Him my best. So on days that are REALLY hard I focus on Him and remember homeschooling is a blessing and a way that I am showing God I love Him by following His Will for our family. It also helps A LOT to know He loves me unconditionally as well – even if I might be kicking and fussing because I don’t want to do it that day! Remembering His grace for me helps me to remember to have grace with our kids as well!

Of course, love for my family is essential to our homeschooling as well. I want the best for our children, and I know that homeschooling is the best for them. On those days that are hard it may be easy to feel defeated (I know because I feel defeated more often than I’d like to admit!), but it’s also easy to remember why I’m doing what I do – because I LOVE them and want the best for them! I can give them an education nobody else can because I know them so well and love them unconditionally.

Plus love bonds our whole family in unity – we’re all working for one purpose and all serving The Lord. Everything we do, including homeschooling, revolves around this love for each other and love for God. I might venture to say this is our MOST essential factor to our homeschooling!

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  1. Sandra Beeman says

    If everyone whom teaches children had just a tiny bit of the love you have all our students would shine so brightly and happily. I know educating can be daunting and I know love makes it easier.

  2. unconditional love helps so much doesn’t it? Such a bonding force.

  3. One of the beauties of homeschooling is the ability to cultivate a love for family. We definitely get lots of opportunities to practice 1 Corinthians13:4-7. <3 Lovely topic. ~Heather @ Principled Academy/the Crew

  4. You know, love is often left out of public schools….another reason why I think homeschooling is better.

  5. Melanie (Wren) says

    Emilee—I LOVE this topic (of love, no pun intended:) for our homeschool essentials! (It was one of mine as well!) I loved what you shared…and I so agree. The love of the Lord (for Him and from Him) and for our precious ones is definitely what will make all the difference in our days and our families. Thank you!

  6. Dorothy Boucher

    I wish we could get more teachers to be like that, to have that attitude and not be afraid to show love …

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