Homeschooling Essentials – Pencils (Lots of Pencils)

Today I’m joining my fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew members in the “5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials” Blog Hop! It is going to be great to see what other homeschoolers consider essential to their homeschool. With 89 bloggers participating I know there is going to be amazing variety!

So why am I kicking off the series with pencils? It seems like such an obvious answer, and pencils themselves are obvious, but what I learned the hard way is we need MANY. I might even venture to say I now buy twice as many as I expect we’ll use. You would think that would be plenty of cushion room, but we still run into problems!

Homeschooling Essentials

It all began when I had the great idea of going “school supply shopping.” Each kid has their own school supply box. One bag of pencils should be plenty, right? We can always get more when they run out.

It just wasn’t that easy, though! Although most supplies remain in their boxes, pencils seem to magically disappear. Constantly. There is clearly a pencil stealing creature in our house because they insist they left it on their desk. Ah, but it’s not! I even implemented a reward chart where they could earn rewards each day they didn’t lose a pencil. Unfortunately, that didn’t change the situation.

Because our children have special needs (our oldest is on the Autism spectrum and our younger two have Sensory Processing Disorder), we often have many pencil casualties. Our oldest has a tendency to press REALLY hard on the paper. I’m pretty sure he breaks his pencil at least once per day.

Then there is the chewing. They both chew. Even with constant reminders they chew. They NEED sensory input, and if I don’t find a good replacement ASAP (something appropriate for chewing), the pencil will be no good anymore. They may even try to use it without the eraser, but that eventually leads to frustration because neither of them can hold a separate eraser very well because of their fine motor concerns.

So what happened to running out and getting more? Well, the problem is we would have so many incidents in one day that were beyond a sharpening, and we had no backups!

So a plentiful amount of pencils easily makes our personal essential homeschooling tool. I make sure we still have at least five backups, and when we’re under five we buy more. I also started buying more than enough as I mentioned because I’d rather have more than not enough! Our house became a major meltdown zone before I realized how important it was to have more than enough pencils!

We choose eco-friendly pencils, and I let them each pick out their favorite to also avoid another common pencil problem – arguing over them!

Of course, to compliment this homeschooling essential, I also make sure we have a good pencil sharpener!

Do you have any “pencil problems?”

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

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  1. Melanie Schemanski says

    We spend entirely too much time searching for pencils each morning in our home as well. I think they hide with the unpaired socks or something. I totally agree that a huge supply is what we need. I should start doubling what I get each year as I always have to go back and purchase more.

  2. I have a crazy amount of pencils. Hundreds of them. I bought so many packets on sale because I couldn’t stand NOT having enough. We start the day with a boatload on the table, and the kids always know where to find more.

  3. We never have enough pencils. That’s my big item when we hit the back to school sales!

  4. p_rushworth says

    I hear you on the pencil thing! I got so frustrated we changed to SV bonded pencils. 🙂 You post made me smile Here

  5. We have PLENTY of pencils ~ we just don’t enough SHARPENED ones, LOL!

  6. Rebecca Ray says

    I feel like I spend half my day sometimes waiting for kids to get pencils and sharpen them, and we ran through electric pencil sharpeners last year! We also have a dog that I sometimes catch running off with the pencils!

  7. This is a simple essential but oh so true! A good pencil sharpener is definitely needed – we invested in two electric ones last year. 🙂

  8. it’s so true… writing implements are very important, and pencils are easy because they erase so well. 🙂

  9. Around BTS you can get pencils for cheap and other items as well at Office Depot, Staples, etc. Stock up.

  10. The pencils around here disappear like socks! lol! We definitely need to keep a steady supply on hand. Fun topic! 🙂 ~Heather @ Principled Academy/ the Crew

  11. It seems that pencils disappear around here! And for the life of me I can’t find a sharpener I really like!

  12. Sandra Beeman says

    There sure is a lot of preparations for home schooling. At least you have a great outlook on solving the problems that can arise daily.

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