Homeschooling with Special Needs Blog Hop {My Apologies}

Homeschooling with Special Needs

I had lined up 5 posts for this week revolving around the topic of Homeschooling with Special Needs. Why “Homeschooling with Special Needs” and not “Homeschooling Special Needs Children?” Because *I* have special needs, too. I planned on covering topics from Homeschooling with a Chronic Illness to sharing tips for sensory overload (both for the parent with sensory concerns and children) and more. The irony is my health hasn’t been well. I am sorry. I was really excited about this series and planned to have everything ready to go knowing I was leaving for The Declare Conference on Friday.

Unfortunately, the first post was to go live on Monday, and here I am. I was born with a heart defect that wasn’t repaired until I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it had already done damage to my heart and lungs by that point, so although I had open heart surgery to repair it I have always had a few blips here and there. This one has been a doozy and there may be something seriously wrong. The most recent update is that I went in for a stress test today and there were changes in my EKG before I even began the test, so they decided I need a nuclear test. I go back in the morning.

I’m slowly feeling worse, so I am really sorry I don’t have my series ready – or any other posts for that matter that aren’t more than a paragraph long (or copy and paste). I do hope to post them at a later time because I was really excited to share them, and I am truly sad I didn’t get them completely done. Unfortunately, even typing this update is tricky. Who knew typing could be exhausting?

In the mean time, though, there are MANY homeschool bloggers that have joined in this amazing blog hop to cover different topics. That’s a total of 90 topics – 450 articles. So set aside some reading time and be prepared to be blessed with some amazing articles. I pray I am able to bless you with mine when my health improves, but I KNOW you will be blessed by the other Schoolhouse Review Crew Members as they cover a variety of topics. Find the topics that are of interest to you and be prepared for some great reading!

To check out all of the great participating blogs click on the Blog Hop button below!

Summer Blog Hop

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  1. Get yourself better! The internet will still be here. I’m looking forward to reading your posts when you are well enough to do them. You’re in our prayers.

  2. Praying that you are able to be better soon.

  3. Laura Delgado says

    You are in my prayers.

  4. md kennedy says

    I am impressed that you could even get this post out given the stress you must be under – good for you! I hope everything goes OK….

  5. Krista Bainbridge

    Thinking of you – don’t apologize to us – just go get better!

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