Homeschooling When a Child is Ill or Injured

As a mom homeschooling special needs children as well as homeschooling with a chronic condition, we definitely experience regular challenges. ALL homeschool families experience challenges, though, and homeschooling when a child is ill or injured is definitely no exception! For the next 4 days I will be sharing tips for homeschooling through challenges as part of the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents Blog Hop.

Homeschooling when a child is ill or injured is a reality for many homeschool families. Though I have heard of families going an entire year (or more) without any illnesses or injuries, it’s more common to hear of those days or weeks when someone has the sniffles, allergies flare up, a stomach bug hits, a child has a bad fall, etc. Sometimes it’s one child, sometimes it’s all of them at the same time! So what is a homeschool parent to do?

Homeschooling When a Child is Ill or Injured

Homeschooling When a Child is Ill or Injured

Take a Day Off

One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling (or, at least, *I* think it is) is the fact that we can be so flexible. Just like a child would take a sick day from a school outside the home, a child could simply take a sick day from homeschool as well. If more than one child is sick, it might be best to take a whole day off for everyone. We actually plan our schedule in a way that allows for days off.

Sometimes taking a day off just isn’t an option, though. Maybe you’ve already taken too many days off and can’t afford anymore.

Stick to the Basics

Your child already isn’t feeling well, so now is not the time to cram in all the extra curricular activities. Besides, if illness is the culprit, you surely don’t want to go to extra curricular activities outside the home and spread the illness!

Although I, personally, think the arts and science are very important, when a child isn’t feeling well, it’s best to keep things as minimal as possible, so I focus more on language arts and math and go from there. If they are still feeling OK then we will add in others one at a time being careful not to overdo it.

Keep it Relaxed

Maybe you have a very strict schedule and even location in your home for homeschooling. Sometimes we just have to loosen those reigns, though, to keep our child comfortable. If they aren’t feeling well, and they aren’t comfortable, they won’t get anything done. Their comfort is important for healing, so pull a TV tray up to the couch or pull the coffee table closer. Allow them to watch video lessons while stretched out on the couch.

If you are a little particular, you may feel uneasy like maybe you’re setting bad habits. Changing your routine to help your child heal isn’t going to set long-term bad habits. Simply make it clear you are only changing your schedule while they get better.

Take cues from your child. Only they can tell you how they’re feeling and what they can (and can’t) handle. If you do end up needing to take some extra days off, it may not be fun for anyone, but you can always make them up on Saturdays as well. It’s important to remain flexible and remind yourself you’ll get through it and focus on nursing them back to better health!

Of course, while homeschooling when a child is ill or injured, don’t forget to pray for and with your child over their illness or injury as well as your homeschool!

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  1. Great tips. When my daughter isn’t feeling 100% we take it slow.

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