Homeschooling When You are Ill or Injured

Yesterday I shared tips for homeschooling when a child is ill or injured, but obviously children aren’t the only ones who get sick or hurt. Homeschooling when ill or injured can definitely be challenging particularly when you have children who need more guidance.

In the past I’ve shared information on homeschooling with a chronic condition, and a lot of the tips I recommended for the hard days definitely apply to when you’re ill or injured as well. Oftentimes my chronic condition makes me feel like I’m sick or hurting all over! All parents might not have a chronic condition, but most parents experience sickness or pain from time to time.

Homeschooling when Ill or Injured

Homeschooling When Ill or Injured

As I mentioned yesterday, the ideal is definitely taking time off, but that is not always an option, so I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me get through those rough days!

Assign Independent Work

Although this may be more challenging for younger kids, there is generally independent work kids can do. Even if it’s work they can do *mostly* independently while asking a few questions here and there. This can give you some downtime while also helping kids work independently, which is an important skill. Relax nearby so you are able to answer any questions, but take it easy.

Anything can be independent work, but what I find makes the best independent work for our family is:

  • Copywork
  • Computer curricula and supplements
  • Educational apps and curricula that is available on tablets
  • Basic art such as coloring and drawing
  • Math worksheets
  • Educational videos

Obviously, this will depend on the ages of your children as well as abilities. All of our children are young (ages 9, 8 and 5), and only our 8 year old can read independently, so it really does limit what can be done as independent work. I definitely appreciate the computer and app related curricula during those times!

Change Location

Something I shared on the Homeschool Post was how our home is not a school. If you tend to have a structure more like a school or are very particular about where homeschooling takes place, this would be a good time to be flexible. Relax on the couch with your feet up while the kids sit and work. Read them a book while they sit next to you. Have them do work on the coffee table next to you so you can oversee and help with their work while also resting.

Recruit Some Help

I know this may not be an option for some. In fact, it likely isn’t an option for many, but perhaps if you truly consider the option, it may be possible. For example, if your spouse works, you can change around your schedule so your kids do some homeschool work in the evening rather than the morning. Perhaps there are people from church or a homeschool group that would be glad to help out as well. It’s OK to ask! Even if others may not be able to help with homeschooling, they may be able to help with the household tasks so you can focus on homeschool and recovery.

It’s important to remember that while homeschooling when ill or injured you have to take care of yourself or you could potentially prolong your illness or injury which could further complicate the homeschooling challenges.

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  1. When my kids were younger, we would all just take a day off if I was sick, but now, we pretty much do this exact thing!!

  2. Great tips for schooling while sick. We have used many of these for times when I am the one who hasn’t felt good. My kids are old enough now that they are very helpful when I don’t feel well.

  3. I rarely get sick, however one day with the kids were young (maybe 6 & 8), I woke up sicker than I have ever been. In fact I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. When my husband came home from work he asked the kids where I was and they responded “She never got up today”. He came running down the hall in full terror, he thought surely I’d died in my sleep because I NEVER just don’t get up.

    Good post and great tips!

  4. I’m going through that right now – I don’t have kids – but I have a very bad cold

  5. These are really good tips. I have fibromyalgia and migraines, and there are days it just isn’t working.

  6. Some of my fondest memories of my son are when I was sick. He wanted things to be as close to normal as possible, so he shouldered a lot of the responsibilities of the household, things I never would have pictured him doing before that. I think part of education is showing that sometimes the people who normally make things happen, sometimes can’t and that it’s important to know what to do and how to take over until things get back to normal again!

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