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Well, I’m still working on trying to make sure I post something each day – except Sundays – I posted about that in THIS POST. Well, I’ve been feeling pretty “blah” lately and haven’t been on the computer nearly as much, networking nearly as often, and I’ve still been extra busy! haha Both of our boys started their speech therapy this week, which is fantastic, and it sounds like we’ll be working in their Occupational Therapy to “flip-flop” with their Speech. That means one longer trip a couple times a week instead of multiple short trips, which is perfect! I’m just so excited the ball is finally rolling. We’ve been here about 6 months now, but it always seems to take a long time to get into therapies and such again. Since my husband is getting medically discharged/retired from the military soon we’re not 100% sure where we’re going to live yet, so we might have to start over again! Eek!

One thing I’ve been doing is “cutting down on my load.” I’m focusing on my new Cloud 9 Parties business and loving being back to my mission of helping couples in the area of intimacy (and ultimately marriage), and I’m also loving all the glam products! It’s all just been so awesome! I love that I can “set the tone” and come from an educational, helpful, more conservative perspective! I’m going to post another detailed post about my “heart” for that again soon! 🙂 I’ve also been drifting away from other businesses and still contemplating final decisions. I kind of started hinting about that in THIS POST. I am so ready to just catch up on housework, get my Pea of Sweetness personally made products up and going again, continue with my Cloud 9, and still have more than enough time to focus on my family, homeschooling, the blog, etc. So, “drifting away” has been inevitable, but it may not be enough. I may just have to cut out a few more things altogether. I am definitely praying over everything!

One thing I did this week was cut down my “Fan Pages” to only my Pea of Sweetness page, and my Cloud 9 Parties page. Well, and I recently became an Admin with the Fort Hood Army Wives, which is a wonderful non-profit group, and I’m excited to help them in the “technical/web” area since that is something I can most definitely do! 🙂 I felt it was the “right” thing to do considering I was hardly ever even posting to the other pages. You may have noticed I removed a few things from my toolbar as well. I will put them back after decisions are complete (if there is something to put back) as I’m working on re-doing my menu bar – and maybe even finding a new theme! Another decision! haha

Well, one idea I’ve been kicking around is concerning my sister site 1 Fit 2 Serve. I started it almost 2 years ago as a means to help share my heart for helping others in the area of health and fitness when I started to be impacted by the changes it was making in my life! It was also a means for sharing another business I represent (and I know I will continue to be part of) which is related to health and fitness. Despite my heart, though, the business itself has not been profitable. Finances have been VERY tight lately, so spending money in areas that aren’t “paying for themselves” per se just doesn’t seem realistic anymore. I was considering moving 1 Fit 2 Serve to a free blogger platform, but I’m afraid I still won’t post as often since Pea of Sweetness is my focus. So, then it came to me the other day – what if I move over the posts (minus the business links) here to Pea of Sweetness instead. Would that be TOO much content for Pea of Sweetness? Should I keep it separate and specialized? It would surely be more efficient!

So, how can you help? I appreciate your feedback SO much, so I would love to gauge your honest thoughts on the question above! Everything else I’ll have to continue to pray about and we’ll figure it out as a family! :p So please share your feedback with me! If you’ve never commented before you may be asked to enter a password for spam protection. Simply COPY AND PASTE it. You do NOT need to type it. This has been an awesome spam blocker for me! So please let me know what you think! 🙂

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  1. I think you should combine the two! I would love to read tips about that. Plus that takes care of your “posting every day” issue! 🙂
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  2. I say combine the two!! It’s like a one stop shop!! 🙂

  3. I’ve heard about something where you can write in one spot and it will automatically post to several places, like your status update on FB would automatically post to your blog, or FB Fan Page, or your Tumbler page. I don’t know what it is, I just read something about it a few weeks ago. So, I wondered if that might help you keep your other things going. I don’t mind if it’s all in one place at all. I just think when advertisers are looking for who to buy space from, they like to have a mental grip on what niche you serve, so they know they are reaching the right audience for their product, so that’s why people try to define it more clearly. I have one blog ( ) where I just use it like a diary, and go deep with my thoughts about everything that happens in life. Then I have a FB Fanpage ( ) that has personal stories and photos, low glycemic recipes, anything that I find inspirational and motivating, and that page has links to my business website, (won’t post that here , so it’s not spammy), where people can actually purchase products. That one is very professional and has very little personal information about me on it, just about the products. Each site has a very specific function, so I could never combine them. But I also don’t think I could take on any more. Upkeep on just these three, take so much time and energy, that I can really see why any more would just be too much. I’ve been seeing quite a few ladies saying they are cutting back on their internet activities, to get more focused on other priorities. One blogger I know is going back to Nursing school. The internet can really suck a person in and really take over before you even know what hit you. I try to do most of it after the kids are in bed, partly so I can put two thoughts together without being interrupted, but also because I get so focused on what I’m doing, I’m afraid of ignoring them. I’d rather lose a little sleep, than have them feel like I’m ignoring them when they need me for something. There are only so many hours in a day, so I steal the ones at night. I’m writing this at 1:25am! LOL!
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    • I do use Networked blogs, which posts to my social media outlets. I just don’t think I can maintain 2 blogs, and at the very least I need to move the other one to a free platform instead of a self-hosted WP like this one because I’m paying for a blog I’m not active with, you know? This one I’m active with, so it’s worth it! That is definitely my concern about the “niche,” though. I already have a hard time trying to figure out what my niche is because I already blog about so many different things! haha Thank-you for your input! 🙂

  4. Aprille Donaldson says

    Well I will be honest (eek), I don’t read any of your business or giveaway posts, only the personal ones. Just because I don’ t have the money to spend on stuff or the time to get involved with giveaways. So I’m not sure if I’m much help. But I love keeping up with your family happenings!!

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