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A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to review Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum, and we loved that it was an interactive history curriculum. When I was invited to review the new interactive history curriculum from Golden Prairie Press, I was so excited to try it.

Golden Prairie Press Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate our review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

For our review we received the Digital Version of Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History. It is similar to Heroes & Heroines of the Past in that it has historical crafts, games, songs, and recipes. It is also recommended for 1st – 6th Grade, which has shorter lessons for 1st and 2nd Grade and more detailed lessons for 3rd – 6th. Because our daughter is now older, we have been doing the more detailed lessons.

The Digital Version contains a total of 7 downloads. Once you have them downloaded you can access them easily on whatever device you downloaded it to. There are 3 zip files that are larger and take a little longer to download, but I found it was all fairly easy to download without any complications.

The Digital Curriculum includes:

  • Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 1 ebook
  • Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 2 ebook
  • Additional Materials Downloads
  • Historical Skits ebook
  • Sing Some History CD
  • Listen to Some U.S. History MP3 CD
  • A Bonus Coloring Book

Interactive History Curriculum from Amy Puetz

Once again, I loved how this curriculum is laid out. It’s not just a basic lesson with questions. There are questions, of course, but there are hands-on activities, songs, games, experiments, cooking, crafts and more. As an interactive history curriculum, it really does bring history to life.

Although the Coloring Book is a bonus, it has been a great resource. Not only does it allow for coloring (which our daughter loves), but it also includes lines for copy work as well!

Each week is divided into 5 lessons, and the lessons take between 30-60 minutes. Aurora has been answering questions not only about the lessons but about things like historical art as well. It is really unique how much is included in each lesson to really help reinforce what is being learned. Plus, I can tell she just learns better that way as well!

Of course, I also appreciate that it aligns with our faith. Each week we also learn a new memory verse. On the first day it is introduced that week, we write it on a 3×5 card as suggested. We read it together the first couple of days, but she has sharp memory skills, so she usually has it memorized after that, and I just have her recite it each day.

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As a parent, I feel this is an easy curriculum to follow. I’m given information at the beginning of the ebooks that includes instructions on how to use the book, alternate reading suggestions, detailed information on what to expect with the lessons and activities. It also includes an Answer Key, Recommended Resources, and information on what supplies will be needed. Each weekend I look over the coming week to make sure I have all supplies on hand and ready.

Interactive History Curriculum Review

Overall, I am once again really pleased. I love that it is hands-on and offers such a rich history starting from the most important point in history – Creation. It’s taught in a way that is interesting and engaging. Our daughter has been enjoying what she’s learning and particularly loves to do all the activities as well!

Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum is available both as the Digital addition as well as print.

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    I love reading about heroes and heroines from our past that has made a difference for our future today so fascinating

  2. This curriculum is so cool! I wish they had this when I was going to school many, many years ago.

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