iTooch Educational app Review

Disclosure: I received a free download of an iTooch app to facilitate my educational app review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

iTooch Educational App Review

I had a chance to review iTooch apps last year when it only started at the 3rd Grade level and am really excited that the new apps have launched! They now have 1st Grade through 8th Grade Apps with new functions!

Here are the functions that are available in the new version:
– A brand new interface: Global user experience has been completely redesigned in order to be clearer, more colorful and simpler to use.

– Multiple players: This feature is designed to handle multiple players such as students in the same classroom, siblings or friends. Users can now create, on the same device, as many accounts as they wish and will also be able to save their scores!

– Speech synthesis: The most asked for feature is now available on the new version of iTooch apps! This feature will be very helpful to our youngest users who are learning to read as well as to students with special needs.

– Font Size adjustment: Thanks to this new feature, users will now be able to adjust font size to their preference.

iTooch ipad exercise

For our review we received the 2nd Grade app. Both of our oldest children (ages 8 and 6) are at the 2nd grade level, so I know we will get a lot of use out of it. The 2nd Grade app includes both Math and Language Arts.

Each subject is broken down into specific categories. The Math, for example, is broken down into Solving Problems: + and -, Operations, Numbers & Operations, Measurement & Data, and Geometry. Each category is broken down into multiple Sub-Categories. I was impressed with how many problems are in this one app!

I was able to save both children as a “Player,” and when they are on it they can get on their own account and it saves their scores. When we got started, it walked us through a tutorial so they both would understand how to use the app. Because they aren’t at a high reading level due to their special needs, I walked through the tutorial with them and read it to them.

iTooch Educational App Review

In the Settings I was able to turn Speech Synthesis on so it would read the problems for them from that point on. This is definitely a helpful feature for us because of their delays. Many subjects at the 2nd Grade level no longer offer this. It can be hard when your children are at a higher grade level for a subject like Math but still struggle with reading. I don’t want to hold them back in Math because of this, so I think it is fantastic that they offer this!

Using the Speech Synthesis feature is simple! There is a little speaker next to the text, and if they need the text to be read, they just click on the speaker. This option is available for both the problem and the potential answers if they are multiple choice.

If they struggle with a problem they can simply swipe to the left and read over the Lesson Summary. This does not have the option of Speech Synthesis, but if they are struggling, I want to go over the Lesson with them anyway. It’s a great teaching opportunity!

In the Settings we can also control Sound volume, Effects and Text Size as well as choose a Standard or Advanced Calculator and Notation. I love that it has so many features. While working on a set of problems there is the option to turning testing on or leave it off. If you just want them to Practice, you simply leave testing off. We have only been practicing this far until I know they are ready to test.

iTooch ipad lesson

Lately our kids haven’t been “in the mood” to do our homeschool work. Those times can be really challenging. I found they enjoy the iTooch app so they actually WANT to do it. This has really helped improve their mood and offered them something that is both educational and fun! Plus we can use it on both the iPhone and iPad which means no fighting over one or the other! The only downfall is their points aren’t saved across devices, so they may have a certain amount of points on the iPhone and a completely different amount on the iPad. Personally, I don’t find this to be too big of a deal because they can always use the extra practice.

Overall, I’m so glad we have the iTooch 2nd Grade App! I love the changes they’ve made, and I love that the kids enjoy it as well!

iTooch apps are available in four stores; App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Shop and Windows 8.

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