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As a homeschooling mom I am always on the lookout for great educational apps! I have heard great things about iTooch apps, so I decided to check it out! I downloaded the iTooch Elementary School App. It starts at 3rd grade, and although our kids are in 1st grade, I figured it would still be worth a look because at the very least it would be something we could use later! The 3rd Grade Math and Language Arts were definitely too advanced for them, but I went over it myself to get a good idea what all it includes. I was really impressed by what was covered! I particularly loved the Language Arts because I have a huge appreciation for Language Arts, and I think it’s a key subject that easily gets overlooked. I was really impressed by the details it covers!

iTooch Elementary

The other subject offered is Science, and despite being the 3rd grade level, it was right up our alley! I had to guide them through reading the text, of course, but the subjects covered are subjects we have covered this year already, so it actually worked out very nicely for us! Plus with lessons attached we had the opportunity to learn more! So although they couldn’t do it on their own, they were actually able to answer the Science questions with my guidance and had a lot of fun with it!


iTooch uses positive reinforcement to encourage learning, which is so important! Our kids absolutely LOVE that, and they loved watching the little guy act out funny things. I love learning apps that include a level of fun as well! It is very user friendly and includes tests with a variety of ways to answer the questions, so it isn’t all multiple choice, which I often see just leads to a lot of guessing! Each chapter includes lessons. They always keep their apps up to date and they comply with core standards.

The iTooch Elementary School app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store. I liked this app so much I decided to see what else they had to offer and found a fun “Recess” App and French as a Foreign Language, which was REALLY exciting to me as I’m teaching our kids French as well as teaching French in our homeschool Co-Op!

For More Information: Visit the EduPad Website

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  1. This looks great! I love learning about new learning apps!

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