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Ah, I’m behind! It’s already July, and I never implemented this month’s health and fitness challenge! To re-cap last month we did a health challenge that challenged us to eat a green fruit or vegetable every day. I’ll be honest, I was pretty boring and didn’t mix it up a lot. I already eat a salad a day with a mix of romaine or spinach, so that was my “usual” green. It still fits the challenge, though! haha Were you taking the challenge with me? If so, how did you do? Did you mix it up or stick to a favorite? Please share your story in the comments! 🙂

So, that means July is a fitness challenge month. I’m sure you probably saw this coming since my last fitness challenge was a pushup challenge – crunches! You can mix it up however you would like – crunches, situps, reverse situps, obliques, etc. Since we’re already a few days into the month (oops, I promise my scattered posts, falling behind, etc. is for a good reason right now) instead of 3,000 like I was originally planning let’s do 2500! So, are you with me?? That’s less than 100 a day, and you don’t have to do all 100 at the same time. Because pushups are a “weak spot” for me, I split them up in sets of 10 throughout the day. This was also more feasible with the kids around, too!

Some tips for proper crunches and sit-ups:

  • If you prefer to put your hands behind your head make sure to keep your arms relaxed. DO NOT LEAD WITH YOUR ARMS. Concentrate very carefully on your abdominal muscles doing the work! The same is true of oblique crunches – concentrate on your oblique muscles doing the work!
  • If you’re doing small crunches keep your face toward the ceiling. Don’t tuck your chin! Again, lead with the abs, not your face or arms.
  • Keep your feet firm on the ground. If this is too hard ask if someone can hold them down for you or if you have a sofa nearby stick your feet under it! Again, focus on your abdominal muscles doing the work!
  • Breathe in on the way down and breathe out with force on the way up – this not only helps you to focus on breathing properly, but it also helps you engage your abdominal muscles!
  • With anything warm up and stretch before and after!

Crunches are great to improve your core muscles and strengthen your abs. If you’re really looking to define your abs crunches alone are NOT the answer! The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is becoming popular because what you eat largely determines what might be “hiding” those abdominal muscles – particularly females. For more health and fitness information head on over to our sister site 1 Fit 2 Serve where I focus on health and nutrition tips and share more of my own personal journey!

So, will YOU be taking the challenge this month?

*Don’t forget The Love Dare is still going on. I fell behind there, too! :/ I’m working on catching up soon! I have important family matters to attend, but I am still going through the book and getting better and better at Day 1! :)*

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement and recommendations! I’ve been telling myself that I’m never too busy to exercise. It must be working because I’ve lost a little. 🙂
    Flora recently posted…Boardwalk Best Maxi Dresses from $11.99!My Profile

    • Awesome! Congrats! I actually started 1 Fit 2 Serve when my husband was going through chemotherapy and I was taking care of a newborn and 2 toddlers. That was one of my biggest goals was to inspire others that you CAN do it – circumstances definitely can be tough, but we can better handle them if we’re taking care of ourselves! 🙂

  2. I’m in. I need to be doing this everyday, anyways.
    Tammy recently posted…Swimming and Autism – Learning How To SwimMy Profile

  3. Great challenge! I definitely need to do work on my middle area.

    • Same here! My core strength has progressively gotten worse, but the 3 c-sections totally did me in. You forget how much you use your core until it’s not as strong! haha

  4. Aprille Donaldson says

    at my doctors recommendation I’ve gone on a completely grain-free diet. Started at the beginning of June so 1 month down!!! Continuing into July

    • How is it going? I keep kicking the idea back and forth and try to at least minimize grains but have yet to completely go grain free!

      • the first week or so was definitely the hardest. I still get bad grain and carb cravings all the time but I just try to eat fruit and veggies. Last night I made a lasagna-ish dish with zucchini. It’s really about rethinking how I eat completely and retraining my body! My doctor said it could take a up to 6-8 months to provide the intestinal healing that I need. I’ve also been exercising now almost daily (at least 3 times a week minimum), and I just feel better all the way around. Scale isn’t moving but I’m going in today to have all my measurements retaken because I know my body is changing. Everyone says I look thinner!!

        • Definitely don’t go by the scale! Go by how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, etc. I’m sure it’s not hard making a drastic switch like that, but it sounds like you’re staying on track and doing well! It will totally be worth it!

  5. Ah the dreaded crunch! I’ll try!
    Janelle Prentice recently posted…Happy Independence Day!My Profile

  6. Oh boy! I’m not a huge fan of crunches. But I might try this
    Motherhood on the Rocks recently posted…WEEKLY ROUNDUPMy Profile

  7. I am working on trying to so more working out… I was doing good then failed. LOL Back to the grind this month!

  8. Have you been talking to my conscience?? Or maybe my doctor?
    Dede recently posted…Christmas in July giveaway: Sweet Pea MaternityMy Profile

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