Supplementing Our Homeschool with K5 Learning {Review}

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I don’t know about you, but I think extra practice in math and reading is always a good thing. We have been using the online program from K5 Learning to not only practice math and reading but spelling as well! They’ve been learning a few extra things as well!

K5 Learning

For our K5 Learning review all three children (ages 11, 9, 7) have been using the online program. We access it on both a laptop and Nextbook running Windows 10 and using the Google Chrome browser. We have not had any issues accessing it.

What is K5 Learning?

The K5 online program is a supplemental program for not only homeschoolers but any child in Kindergarten-5th grade who needs extra practice! It is an account based program easily accessible online. It can be used for up to four children, and each child has their own log in. So there is nothing to download, and progress is saved online. It includes K5 Math, K5 Reading and K5 Spelling.

Although it is a supplemental program, it’s not simply a “sit down and practice” program. It definitely helps foster a sense of independence because it actually offers instruction as well. Lessons are short and interactive. They are fun, interesting and engaging.

Additionally, K5 Learning includes customized worksheets to take the learning offline. The worksheets are produced based on what your child is learning. It further reinforces key lessons and offers learning without the screen. This reduces arguing about who gets to use the computer right now as well!

K5 Learning Review - Worksheets


One of my favorite aspects of K5 Learning are the Assessments. I am generally not one to focus on grade level as much as having the kids work wherever they are in each subject. That is what the K5 Learning Assessments are all about. How kids progress through K5 is based on the assessments. Children start right where they are rather than where their age or grade says they should be.

I am so glad they offer this option because, otherwise, my kids wouldn’t have started the program where they need to. Because of my kids’ special needs, they do have some learning challenges. My oldest (Autism spectrum) has a moderate reading delay but does very well in math. In fact, he tested a grade above in math! So he was able to start at a lower level in reading, but a higher level in math. My youngest son (Sensory Processing Disorder) has a slight reading delay but is on target for math, so he was able to start where needed as well.

My daughter’s assessment suggested she’s at a 5th Grade level for both subjects. So in her case, I’m glad she has been able to learn at a higher level. By “school age” she would be in 3rd Grade, but for curricula that is based on grade level she does 4th Grade work. I love that she doesn’t have to be held back.

K5 Learning

Our K5 Learning Review

My kids have been enjoying K5 Learning. The short, interactive lessons keep their attention, and they have been both practicing as well as learning things. Spelling has been great for my older kids because it’s something I just don’t do enough of as it is. It’s really challenged them in a good way! This is one of those programs that I don’t have to beg them to do. They get online and do it independently.

What they are learning and practicing goes beyond just the basics. It’s not just reading. It’s inferences and comprehension as well. Math isn’t just numbers. It’s shapes and money as well. Even doing the worksheets has encouraged the kids to do more.

We did come across a couple of challenges, though. For example, my oldest (who has the moderate reading delay) does well in comprehension. So, the comprehension portion of reading would be at a higher level. It required reading at that level, though. So I would have to read with (or to) him so he could answer the questions. For math, the older two kids were working on things they’ve never learned. There was no way to go back or skip it from what I’ve seen. I’m not sure if this was a case of problems associated with Common Core because I try to avoid Common Core so it would make sense that they didn’t learn it if that is the case. Otherwise, it might just be above their level.

Regardless, we like K5 Learning and definitely plan to continue using it to supplement our homeschool.

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