Keep Kids Entertained in the Car

We’ve been in the car a lot lately. We took a trip over to Chicago, which could be a 5 hour drive, but if you have to go through Chicago like we did, it added another 2 hours! Most of the other drives are only an hour one way, but that hour can be exhausting when kids aren’t entertained! It’s not always easy to keep kids entertained in the car, though! We have a DVD player, but I am always looking for ways to keep the kids entertained that doesn’t involve screen time!

Keep Kids Entertained in the Car

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Insure my Rental Car has put together a variety of great travel games to play in the car. They make it easy and convenient to put together a great pack of resources by simply printing out a variety of games! There are a total of 6 different in-car activities that are fun and easy to play and, best of all, they’re free! You not only don’t have to come up with activities yourself – but you can get them for no cost as well!

For my review, I received an entertainment pack including the activities available for printing. I would definitely recommend putting together an activity pack like this to make a complete activity pack! The “extras” are easy! Be sure you have a big folder to keep all the printable activities as well as crayons, pencils or pens, a clip board, and any extra activities you’d like to include! This travel pack also included a great CD of Disney songs, which turned out to be a big hit!

For a CD, be sure to include a CD of fun, catchy songs to which the kids can sing along! By the time we got to Chicago, all three kids knew the songs because they just wanted to keep listening to them! Listening to music is great because it’s something they can do “in the background” while they’re going other activities as well!

Disney Soundtracks Collection

As for the printed activities, the kids LOVED them! Their particular favorite was the Car Bingo. After getting a “Bingo,” though, they decided they wanted to keep going and fill up the whole card. We laughed because the last thing our son needed was sheep, and we weren’t exactly driving in a rural area, yet we drove right beside a truck of sheep, and one of them was sticking its head out! Ha! I love that the activities were not only entertaining for them, but it created a memorable experience for the whole family!

In addition to Car Bingo in which you fill a space on your Bingo sheet based on things you see, other activities include:

  • The Alphabet Game – look for different objects that begin with that letter.
  • Consequences – take turns drawing a section of a person/creature’s body, folding the page as they go. Once completed, unfold the paper to reveal your creation!
  • Car Search – look for as many car manufacturers as you can & match them to the manufacturer’s logos on the sheet.
  • Traffic Jam – a color race to the finish.
  • Plate Hunt – spot as many number plates from the different States as possible.

The kids had a blast with all the games! So be sure to head over and print your free travel games today and add them to your activity folder. Once you use up a game, simply print a new one and add it the folder!

Where will you be traveling this year?

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  1. Lori Pouncey

    Some great products, items for keeping the kiddos entertained in the car. My little one gets very bored, but we usually play the ABC game (which I made up) lol I will def be checking into these 🙂 Thank you for the great review 🙂

  2. I like the little travel games checkers and drawing pads

  3. Thanks for the Wonderful Review on Keep Kids Entertained in the Car! This pack which you put together for your kids is terrific! When we were kids, we used to play games in the car like the alphabet game (spotting something that started with each letter of the alphabet). We also each picked a color of a car and started counting the color of cars which you picked. We never took really overly long trips when we were kids. I think the longest car trip was about 2 1/2 hours to the shore. We took a long trip last year in the motor home and the kids were playing the same games I used to play as well as sleeping a lot! We had them get involved in the directions to where we were headed as well. We would tell them what route or street we were looking for and see who could find it first! This year we have no plans for a trip. Tim got sick and had his surgeries right after we got home from our trip last year and we are still trying to catch up on the financial side! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Keep Kids Entertained in the Car with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂
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  4. denise low

    Thank you for the information. Great tips.

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