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It’s that time of year again – the time when colds and the flu run rampant. We’ve already had a few rounds of it ourselves! I rely on natural relief like kids homeopathic medicine because we have many concerns about general medications. Many of them have unsafe ingredients including artificial colors and artificial sweeteners. Not good!

Kids ReliefDisclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Kids Relief offers a variety of homeopathic medicine for common kids’ ailments. They are available in liquid solutions that are easy for kids to swallow with a taste they love! I love that it offers a natural way to combat cold symptoms as well as pain and fever. They have no dye or sugar and no artificial sweeteners either! It is safe for children to take without the risk of side effects or drug interactions. They are gluten free as well!

For my review I received the Kids Relief Cough & Cold Syrup as well as the Nighttime Syrup, Pain & Fever Oral Liquid, and Flu Oral Liquid.

Kids Homeopathic Medicine Kids Relief Review

Kids Homeopathic Medicine Cough & Cold

The Cough & Cold Syrup and Nighttime Formula both include the natural ingredients to combat cold symptoms, and the Nighttime formula has additional homeopathic ingredients to help children sleep.

I love that the nighttime formula helps kids sleep using natural ingredients. When they’re not feeling good sleeping is particularly challenging. I want to do everything I can to help, but I don’t want to give them questionable medications! I feel good about giving them Kids Relief Cough and Cold Syrup Nighttime because they’re able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Plus they’re not constantly waking through the night because they’re congested and uncomfortable.

Kids Homeopathic Medicine Cold Syrup

The Kids Relief Cough and Cold Syrup includes a measuring cup to make it easy to be sure to give kids the correct amount. It is a great way to treat kids naturally. Our kids (one who is particularly resistant to taking medicine) like the taste and take it without a fuss. They definitely were more comfortable and feeling better sooner.

Kids Homeopathic Medicine – Pain & Fever and Flu

Colds surely aren’t the only things that ail our children. The flu has made it’s way here as well. Of course, as kids, they also have various aches and pains as well. I was excited to be introduced to both the Flu Oral Liquid and Pain & Fever Oral Liquid as well!

The Flu Oral Liquid is note to help flu-like symptoms including: fever and chills, aches and pains and feeling run-down. Our kids are very active. When they are laying down during the day, I know they are feeling run-down! I’m so glad to have a solution to help get them back to their energetic selves!

Kids Homeopathic Medicine Pain and Fever

The Pain & Fever Oral Liquid is amazing. When kids have a fever, it’s generally for a good reason. Fevers serve a purpose. At the same time, though, I don’t want them to feel miserable and in pain. I’ve always tried to avoid medical pain relievers that can also reduce fever. To discover a homeopathic remedy is fantastic!

Both the Flu and Pain & Fever Oral Liquids include droppers, and you only use a small amount at a time. The dropper makes it easy to measure. They both have a great taste as well, which makes it easy to get the kids to take it without a fuss!

Overall, I am definitely impressed and pleased with the kids homeopathic medicine from Kids Relief. They are safe, effective and are easy to use and pleasant for the kids.

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  1. Nancy Burgess

    Love that this is all natural so many others have so much added.Never sure what you’re giving them.

  2. Jennifer H. says

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Nancy Burgess

    I like these medications because they are all natural.

  4. Michelle elizondo says

    I have bought these for my kids before.

  5. These are so good medicine. I have just make a purchase the other day. It is so efficient. Great list!
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  6. Thanks for sharing details, but are these medicines safe for children?
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