Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering {Preschool Review}


Disclosure: I received the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering PDF to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Although our preschoolers has become more interested in participating more during our homeschooling day this year, I still have to be on the lookout for curriculum, worksheets, projects, etc. that I know will interest him. When I was offered the opportunity to review a portion of the Preschool Rocks! Bundle on Educents I was eager to see what all it offers!

Wow! It is quite a bundle! There are 982 pages of activities for preschoolers at 71% off! That’s over $100 worth of activities for preschoolers for only $29.99. Awesome, right? Plus they are instant downloads, so you’ll have them right away on your computer and can use them whenever you’d like. I always appreciate PDF resources, too, because I can always print more if needed as well!

For our review I choose the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering. I always look for things I know will engage our preschooler, and he is a big fan of cats! With the cute cat graphics and his increased interest in learning numbers and counting, I knew it would be a big hit!

Preschool Review

Another advantage of PDF downloads is I can use what I want or what is relevant to what he is learning now and save the rest for later. I did find the later pages of the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering were a little too advanced for what our little guy is learning right now, but would be perfect for when he starts learning more and I’m getting him ready for Kindergarten work. We still have a little time before he’ll be ready for Kindergarten since he’s three and just starting to do more preschool work!

The earlier pages of Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering are perfect for what he is learning now, which is just getting familiar with his numbers, ordering, etc. It starts with matching buttons and shoes to their number. I love this activity because it helps him to really visualize the numbers as well as get a sense for what that number looks like as far as objects are concerned. It all starts with 1-5 which is great for him because although he can now count to ten I feel like doing activities to ten right away would be overwhelming and counterproductive.

His favorite activities from the Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering are the Kitty Number Puzzles. They aren’t puzzles in that they are puzzle pieces to put together (though he actually does enjoy those type of puzzles as well), but rather they are puzzles that are activities for ordering. So they are all the same shape and size and are meant to be put together in the correct order from 1 to 5. Of course, by putting the numbers in the correct order, the picture will also look correct!


In addition to matching and puzzle activities, Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering also offers hands-on activities like cutting and pasting; writing (for older preschoolers); calendar creation which includes all the numbers, months, and days; Calendar activities to reinforce learning months and days of the week; and comparisons.

Imagine, this is just ONE of the resources in the full Preschool Bundle! This deal ends REALLY SOON, though, so head over to Educents now and check it out!

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