A Toy with Endless Possibilities {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Our kids love stuffed toys. And why not? You can cuddle with them, use them for imaginary play, keep them in your bed, take them on the go, etc. They only lack one thing – they’re limited to what they are. A teddy bear is a teddy bear, a lion is a lion, etc. Of course, children can use their imaginations wouldn’t it be fun to have a stuffed animal that can be changed as often as they want? That’s what Kreate a Pet is all about!

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Disclosure: I recieved complimentary products to facilitate our Kreate a Pet review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Kreate a Pet are fun pets that can be created and changed as often as you want! The Kreate A Pet product was born from the imagination of Katarina when she was only 10 years old. She loved playing with stuffed animals, but her creative spirit wished she could do more with them like mixing and matching characteristics. One day when she was playing with sticky fabrics she got the great idea and started coming up with the designs for Kreate A Pet!

Now 13, she is so glad everyone loves her products. In addition the Patent Pending Kreate a Pet products, Katarina has many other models on the drawing board including dinosaur, monster, bird, insect, fish, cars, boats, airplanes, and houses. Plus the parts will be interchangeable between models!

Kreate a Pet Review

For our review we received two Kreate a Pets with included Stikkie Parts Packs and a Stikkie Board.

Fun Toy Kreate a Pet Review

Our kids were in love with their Kreate a Pet as soon as I opened the box. Their eyes lit up and they were ready to check them out! I admit, so was I! You can create so many possibilities for endless hours of play! I shared more in this video as well as our younger two children showing how fun Kreate a Pet can be!

So far our kids have made multiple combinations with their Kreate a Pet. Our youngest son’s personal favorite is putting all the ears on one pet’s head to make it look like a lion, our daughter likes to make them look like cats and our oldest son just likes to put the Stikkie Parts anywhere for random combinations! They even like putting the Stikkie Parts on the Stikkie Board in various patterns or just randomly.

My favorite thing about the Stikkie Board is that there is a convenient place to put all the Stikkie Parts so they don’t get lost! Our kids (like most kids I’m sure) are notorious for losing things – especially small pieces and accessories for their toys. It gets tiring trying find them all and then we often give up on the toys altogether because we just can’t find them! This problem is solved with the Stikkie Board!

Kreate a Pet Review

If you (or your gift recipients) have pets, I would make sure you have a lint roller (which you likely already do) because the loop material on the (Kreate a Pets) can attract pet hairs. A simple once over with the lint roller fixes it easily, though!

The Kreate a Pet would make an awesome gifts for any kid. It really allows them to use their imagination (and creativity) to the fullest! They have amazing features and are great for a variety of ages!

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  1. Cool!! It’s the Mrs. Potato Head of stuffed animals! It’s one of those “duh, why didn’t I think of that first?” items. I am predicting that they are going to be a huge success with all kids and adults too.

  2. Really cute. I have 3 grand kids that would love this.

  3. Jennifer H. says

    I think these are great ideas!

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