L’BRI Review

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned to facilitate my L’BRI review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

L'BRI Review

I LOVE when I come across a natural pampering product! I can enjoy the luxury of pampering without all the nasty chemicals, and I can do so right from my own home! That is why I was excited to learn about L’BRI Pure and Natural. They offer plant-based and aloe vera skin care products for all skin types.

I’m always intrigued to learn more about a company as they all have a unique story behind them. L’BRI was founded by Linda and Brian Kaminski in 1998 and began after an extreme accident left Brian with third degree burns from the waist down. It was through this that they learned the healing power of aloe, which led to his full recovery and the L’BRI Pure and Natural products and direct sales business! What an amazing story and inspiration!

For my review I received the L’BRI Facial Masque and L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel. Of course, I appreciate that L’BRI’s products are free of all the “bad stuff” like sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, lanolins, waxes, artificial colors and fragrances. Plus they aren’t tested on animals.

L’BRI Facial Masque

The L’BRI Facial Masque is much like having an instant face lift. It is applied using an upward motion and then rinsed off after allowing it to dry completely (about 10-15 minutes). It has a thick, somewhat sticky consistency and starts to harden quickly, so I recommend being completely ready for application and minimizing distractions. My husband and I both really enjoy the Facial Masque, but we either both use it after the kids have gone to bed or make sure the other one is tending to all the kids’ needs while applying the Facial Masque. I also suggest having a clear sink for easier clean up of any drops.

Once applied, I can feel my skin tightening immediately. I apply it as directed to both my face and neck. Although it does start to dry right away, I do leave it on for the full amount of time for maximum benefits. Near the end it starts to crack more, and I can tell it is about time to rinse it off.

Facial Mask

It rinses off easily with warm water. After rinsing my face and neck are so soft. It feels so refreshing! I noticed my blemish flare up took well to this Facial Masque as well, and I’m seeing improvement in my pores.

L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel

The L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel is an exfoliating cleanser to improve skin tone, clarity and texture. Of course, it’s all natural and doesn’t use any chemicals. It has a gel-like consistency and is applied in a circular motion. It notes your skin must be dry upon application, but I also recommend not applying it immediately before showering either as the steam creates too much moisture. It’s definitely best to wait to turn on the shower until after you are finished.

Facial Peel

When the Facial Peel is applied in the circular motion you will start to feel little “beads,” which means the exfoliation is working as it is removing the dead skin. Once there is no longer beading, you simply rinse it off with warm water. Easy! No chemicals and no harsh textures on my face! It’s simple to use and gentle!

Overall, I’m really happy with the L’BRI products, and my husband has enjoyed using them as well. I love that they are natural and effective, too! I think the aloe really makes a difference because my face has felt softer overall since starting the L’BRI products.

The Facial Masque (4 oz.) – $28.50 and the Rejuvenating Facial Peel (2 oz.) – $38.95 and can be purchased through L’BRI Independent Consultants. Additional products range from $5.95 – $54.95 and also include aloe vera barbadensis as their primary ingredient.

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  1. love to try this.

  2. I do love L’bri. I use the cleanser and freshener daily. I would love an honest review of the neck firming cream. All reviews I’ve seen are from consultants.

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