LEGO KidsFest Texas

This is a sponsored post on behalf of LEGO® KidsFest. My family received 4 tickets to attend the event. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

LEGO KidsFest

We were eagerly counting down the days to LEGO® KidsFest here in Texas, and it finally came! We attended the opening session yesterday and had a blast! We planned out our time there ahead of time, but as things usually go for us, the plans went right out the window. It looks like many people had the same plan for the starting point as we did, and since all of our kids have special needs in the sensory department (and I do as well) we opted to first go where the least amount of people went! It was a great way to start off! We started at the DUPLO® Build Area, which gave the kids an opportunity to start playing right away! The boys started at the traditional bricks, and Aurora headed for the girl colored bricks! They each got fun crowns to wear!


We also had to stop by the LEGO® Friends area where our daughter had a blast posing for a picture and building a project with girls, flowers, and a puppy! She loved that there was a girl area!

LEGO Friends

Next, we headed over to one of our oldest son’s favorites – Ninjago! There were multiple tables set up to make different Ninjago Spinners and battle! Everyone really enjoyed this!


One of the popular and really fun parts of LEGO® KidsFest is the BIG Brick Pile! It’s just a huge pile of loose LEGO® bricks for kids to play in! Kids were running, jumping, and laying down and burying themselves in bricks! What a blast!

LEGO Brick pile

Of course, one of the coolest things at the LEGO® KidsFest are the life size models of various characters. They are seriously amazing! I can’t imagine how much time it must take to put them together. They are made up entirely of LEGO® bricks! The kids really loved seeing Lightning McQueen, but we enjoyed all of them really! We posed with a few of our favorites!



I took some pictures of a few more as well!


We also picked up some pirate hats and looked at LEGO® scenes where it tells you to find certain items in the scene. That was A LOT of fun! We found a lot of funny things, too, like Buzz Lightyear roasting a turkey. One of the scenes has a character from Ben 10 as well! We spent a lot of time on those scenes. It was awesome! We also built and raced some cars, watched some contests and games, and visited their large shop.

Overall, we spent 2 hours there, which was plenty of time to do all the things on our list and peek at some of the other great things that were going on! There was the “Creation Nation” where they add the LEGO® creations from the KidsFest to a basketball sized map of the USA. We also watched some of the contets in the LEGO® Challenge Zone. They also had Life of George, which looks like a really cool interactive game for your mobile smart device! There was also City Undercover, which we attempted to visit, but our youngest was in full sensory meltdown by that point, so we couldn’t check it out, but it looked like it was FULL of great activities! There was also Chima, Hero Factory, sessions with a LEGO® Master Builder, and various build areas. I saw many adults there WITHOUT children, and I can see why! As an adult that grew up playing with LEGO® bricks, I really enjoyed and appreciated everything at the LEGO® KidsFest!

LEGO KidsFest

We definitely had a great time, and we’ll definitely go again when it is Texas again next!

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  1. Very nice!!!! Looks like everybody had a great time. 🙂

  2. Tiffany F says

    Wow…never knew they had this. My daughter is a little young but myhusband would have a blast here 😉

  3. Melissa Storms says

    It sounds like your family had a great time. My son would love this event, We may have to look into getting to the CT one this year.

  4. Krista Bainbridge

    Wow! It looks like you and your family had an amazing time! I couldn’t even imagine a giant pile of lego bricks to “swim” in! That’s incredible!

  5. Kathleen says

    GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you all had a blast. I just LOVE Legos. Some of things they build that I have seen on display are simply AMAZING!! =)

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