Litter Getter All Natural Attractant with Odor Control

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Litter Getter

Have you ever had a problem with your cat going where he shouldn’t go? Or do you have a new kitten that needs encouragement to start using the litter box? Litter Getter is an all natural litter box attractant with odor control that clumps with standard clumping litters. Because it is all natural it is also safe to use and gentle on sensitive paws. Litter Getter attracts cats and kittens back to the litter box while also naturally reducing the ammonia smell.

Litter Getter

We ran into a litter problem here in our house. We have a self-cleaning litter box. We hate it. We only have one cat, but we have to clean it almost every 2 weeks in order for it to stay fresh. Because you can only buy the specific litter trays that was costing almost $40/month! $40/month on litter! Outrageous! So I had to start cleaning out the self-cleaning litter box in order to make the litter (and our dollars) last longer. The problem was, the litter itself is still terrible for odor control. The ammonia smell really gets overwhelming quickly! We weren’t the only ones that were feeling overwhelmed – so was our poor Bartholomew.

Bart is a really awesome cat and is really easy going. He is always great about using the litter box. I had cats growing up that would do things like use the floor next to the litter box, use our laundry basket, etc., so what a relief to have a cat that actually uses the litter box consistently! Well, even an awesome cat can get overwhelmed by horrible odor control, and my husband made the unfortunate discovery that he had used the bathroom toy box to urinate! Eek!

So we needed another solution! We needed something that would both encourage him to love his litter box again as well as control the odor issue, so I was definitely eager to try Litter Getter. I love that Litter Getter has a really natural scent. It really does smell like being outdoors. Although it notes to work particularly with clumping litters it has worked fine in the crystal litter that must be used with the litter box we own. What a difference it has made! I am no longer bombarded with ammonia smell when I do laundry as the litter box is located in the laundry room. Plus, Bart seems to be happy using the litter box again and has no outside incidents since using Litter Getter! Did I mention I LOVE the natural earthy smell?

We are very happy with Litter Getter, and I’m so glad we found an all natural solution to our litter box issues!

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  1. Donna Martin says

    totally need this..but sometimes Litter Getter is not most suitable for you and your cat.

  2. Alessandra Lalla says

    interesting. I have a cat than a year but fortunately I have not had any problems.

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