Why I Love Teaching Math

My favorite subject has always been English or anything related to English: Grammar, Literature, Creative Writing, etc. There is no doubt I have a love for them. Overall, though, I was always an A/B student, so there weren’t really subjects I had trouble with though I definitely liked and disliked some more than others. When we started homeschooling I thought this could definitely work to my advantage as I have often heard many homeschooling parents say they are biased to certain subjects. Although I thought I might be partial to my love of reading and writing I was extremely surprised to discover my favorite subject to TEACH is Math!

I have a feeling this might change as the kids get older and as we add our youngest into the schooling mix as well. Right now, though, the kids are in the learning to read and write stage, which can be very frustrating – for all of us! Let’s be honest – English isn’t the most straight forward language to learn! Couple that with a child that has motor concerns so writing is a challenge, and it becomes a rather tedious subject! As I mentioned, I think once we get past this stage it will probably become more enjoyable for everyone! All of the other subjects (we have Bible, Music, Science, and Art) are nice, too, of course! Luckily, as I suspected, I don’t DISLIKE teaching anything!

Math, though? Math has been fun! It’s just been exciting and extra rewarding! Plus, you can do so much with it. You have options of worksheets, online work, and plenty of hands on activities. Both of our school age kids do great with hands on learning, and I think that is what makes teaching Math so enjoyable for us! We have so much fun together discovering different things. There are coins to count and trade (5 pennies for a nickel), word problems to make up, days on the calendar, etc. There is just so much Math in everything! We also just got a new curriculum to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew that has a lot of hands on work, so I’m really excited to get going with that, too! I should say *WE* are really excited to get going with it because the kids are just as eager as I am!


Another thing I’ve been loving about Math is that our toddler has been catching on, too! I have been working with him with the basics like counting to 10, and he surprised me by doing it all on his own! I forget how much they can just soak things in, and he is often sitting with us when we’re doing our schooling. I am doing a preschool curriculum with him as well, but I really think most of what he has picked up is by sitting in when I’m teaching his older siblings!

So, I’m sure things will change as time goes on, but I think one thing will stay the same: there will always be something I enjoy about teaching every subject! 🙂

See what other members of the crew say about what subject they enjoy teaching most!


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  1. I have liked math more the older I get!

  2. I could never say Math has been a favorite subject – to learn, or to teach – but it hasn’t been as difficult as I’d always feared either!

  3. Math is my favorite, too!

  4. I wish I had been in a position to homeschool our children, especially our son, the youngest. that was many years ago and homeschooling wasn’t much of an option. Our daughter is homeschooling her son, but didn’t start until he was in 6th or 7th grade. If parents can do a good job and children will cooperate, it is a good option.

  5. Conversaving.com says

    I loved teaching Math in the early elementary years, but now that I have a 5th grader, a 1st grader and a 2 year old, we went to Teaching Textbooks for the oldest. Just too many interruptions to focus on fractions and the like. LOL!

  6. Math has never been my favorite, but I really like your perspective on it! Great post.

  7. I can’t say math is my favorite. But I am liking the math curriculum we are reviewing!

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