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My Word for 2015 is Purpose. I wrote about how I really need to find purpose this year with both my life and blog. My health issues flaring up have definitely added some unexpected challenges. I have even less time now to work on my blogs and less time with my family – who still remains to be my priority. The house is a mess and we still have many unpacked boxes. I feel like my purpose of being better organized is an unattainable dream at the moment, but I’m praying and hopeful my health will start to improve again soon. 

I decided to no longer take medication that was really making me feel awful – tired, depressed, etc. That will make a big difference I’m sure, but right now I’m dealing with muscle and pain problems. I just keep reminding myself I’ll get through it like I always do, but I do need to take it easy so I can recover more easily! Oh the life of having a chronic condition!

Word for 2015 Purpose


So I need to make some changes, and my husband and I have been in prayer about it as well. After I initially wrote my purpose for Pea of Sweetness is to really narrow down my niche, the changes I’ve decided must be made will probably be a little surprising. Let me first explain that I don’t think narrowing down my niche to just homeschooling, homemaking, and parenting was something I was doing to pursue purpose. I think I was doing it because I want to grow my blog and connect with others. I often felt shunned in those areas because Pea of Sweetness was being viewed as a “review and giveaway blog.” I cringe just writing those words because that perception has held me back. 

I can’t provide as much content right now as others because of my health, but I do want to offer more content and, yes, balance out the number of reviews. Here is what I don’t want, though – I don’t want to make changes because of comparisons or others’ opinions. That being said, as my readers I absolutely care what you feel and love your feedback. That’s not what I was going on. I was making changes based on my own insecurities, and I’m not OK with that.

So, new changes are coming. In order to continue to grow Pea of Sweetness and really (finally) get Sweetness Sisters Media off the ground, which is a project to which I definitely feel called because I like love helping other bloggers as well as start our gaming blog, which is going to be a combined effort with my husband and something we’re really excited about, I have to cut down on some things. So, I will be selling Deals of Sweetness

I went back and forth on this idea because then where will I post the other things I love that I moved over there to narrow my niche here? You have probably guessed – I’m bringing it back here. Natural health and Eco-friendly living are part of my lifestyle (an important part), and Pea of Sweetness is a lifestyle blog – MY lifestyle, and I’m at peace with the idea of representing all of my lifestyle on here because this is my blog. 

After much prayer I do feel this is the best answer. I won’t be doing the number of reviews and giveaways that I do on Deals of Sweetness and will definitely be selective, but this will definitely help me manage my time better and devote more to Pea of Sweetness, which hopefully will mean more content, too! It may not fit in a neat little box – not just a homeschool blog, or just a Christian blog, or just an Eco-friendly blog, but guess what? I don’t fit in a nice little box either! And so, Pea of Sweetness will be a lifestyle blog – my lifestyle. 

If people want to label it as a “review and giveaway blog” because they don’t understand living with a chronic condition or having special needs children and a disabled husband and how that affects my ability to write, so be it. The only thing that matters is that I’m walking in God’s purpose, and I think even the reviews and giveaways have a purpose because they help people! This is me. Sharing my lifestyle – all of it – is my purpose. 

To make the changes smoothly, I will revamp my menu bar so categories are easy to find, so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. I do have a drop down menu in my side bar as well. I think I may even update my look and tag line to celebrate the changes! If you’ve been a loyal reader, you may not see it as change but just going back to how things were. Regardless, I hope to bless you with all that I share.

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