Making Your Home Kitten Proof

A couple weeks ago we got a new kitten. Our daughter was particularly thrilled because she has been wanting a kitten for a while. Since we’re finally a little more settled, we thought it would be a good time. Lily (the name our daughter gave her) is a sweet little kitten, but like most kittens, she’s very curious and into everything.

Making Your Home Kitten Proof

So how do you make your home kitten proof? Here are a few tips that helped us.

Make the Litter Box Location Known

Depending on where you got your kitten, they may not be familiar with the litter box. Even if they are, they need to know exactly where it is or they may use the nearest blanket, pile of clothes, etc.

Kitten Toys

When I say kitten toys, I don’t even mean you have to buy those fancy toys at the store. Kittens are pretty happy to play with anything – strings, boxes, tape, other pets, kids, etc., but make sure there are plenty of those things to play with so they turn to things like the furniture.

Close Up Unsafe Areas

We used to have the litter box in our half basement, but it’s just not a safe area for a kitten. Our other cat would just go downstairs, use the litter box and come back up. A kitten is more likely to look around and maybe get into things she shouldn’t. Plus, with all the rain, the basement is damp and mucky – not a good place for a kitten to play!

We also found we needed to block the opening in the stairway that is quite a steep drop. She curiously was sticking her head out of it, and we feared she would fall down, so we simply blocked it so there is no longer a danger. Also be sure to check for little holes and spaces where a kitten might fit. Our other cat is rather large, so we had to reevaluate because our kitten is much, much smaller.

Making Your Home Kitten Proof Sleeping

Tie up Loose Wires

Loose wires are very attracted to wires. This can be dangerous for many reasons. They could chew through one or end up pulling down the appliance to which it’s attached! Wires can be tucked behind furniture, grouped together with zip ties, taped or stapled to walls – whatever works for your home and space.

Proper Introductions

If you have other pets, be sure to give them a proper introduction. We have a dog and cat and used the open barrier method where they could sniff each other with a barrier in between. Introductions went well, so we knew we could remove the barrier and let her explore her new home!

Making Your Home Kitten Proof - Introductions to Other Pets

We are so excited and blessed to welcome Lily to our home and so grateful the transition has been smooth. What have you done to prepare your home for a new pet?


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  1. This is such a great review. Thanks so much for the information on keeping your home kitten proof.

  2. I haven’t had a kitten in a while, but these are excellent suggestions!!! Esp for a person who hasn’t had a kitten before, don’t want to learn these ideas the hard way! I wish you could get a kitten that would stay a kitten they are so cute!!

  3. Elizabeth H.

    I had a kitten, but it’s so long ago!!!! These are fantastic tips. I would like to get another cat, but I don’t think my dog would like that idea!!! LOL

  4. Kitties are so cute, but you do have to make sure they are safe and do a little work, as you described. Thanks for enlightening me.

  5. I have a friend who is always taking in kittens. I will show this information to her.

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